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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.



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I'll write a custom drabble (prompt of your choice) for the first person who can tell me, here on LJ, what I have in common (apart from gender, age ranges or appearance) with former Gov. Mitt Romney, former Sen. Alan Simpson and Pentagon Papers discloser Daniel Ellsberg.
  • Ok, TOTAL "shot in the dark" guess, but... you all went to the same university? (And no, I'm not looking up anything on any of you for a more "educated" guess on that, either ;-))
    • Your Poetic License Revoked

      Close, but no cigar. But for that pun, really, you ought to be severely punished...
      • Re: Your Poetic License Revoked

        LOL well, I was close, with it being "school" instead of "university" -- that's not too bad a guess, ultimately, for it being totally just the 1st thing that popped in my head!! And sorry for the pun, but it was almost unavoidable! LOL!!
  • Let's see - you all received a perfect score on the bar exam?


    I knew it!!

    *rubs hands together*

    OK then, here's my prompt:


    • *Snort* Does anyone receive a perfect score on the Bar Exam? Anyway, Ellsberg isn't a lawyer.

      (Good thing, because whenever I hear the word "scar" by itself, I remember an obnoxious cat of that name who lived in our rooming house in college. The drabble would wind up being about him. Close escape, that was.)
  • They all attended your school Cranbrook?
    • Oooh! You beat me to it by 3 minutes!!
    • That's my girl.

      Name your prompt.
      • Not even sure this is a prompt....so darn new at fandom. Just found out recently what a drabble is.

        Look at my icons (6 of them) write a drabble around them in alphabetical order. They are Harry, Ginny, beach, star fish, kitten, Madam (any name you want)

        If that's too hard you can yell at me, and I'll try something else.
        • Hm, okay, I'll try it. I'm assuming the alphabetical order applies to the words as you wrote them here, not the labels for your icons as they appear in you LJ profile?

          And shall I assume you wish me to stick to the "exactly 100 words" rule?
          • Rachel's rules

            I can be either one, whatever. Leave it up you. The Madam character can be any character you want. If you can't stay with the 100 words, it's ok if you go over. Remember...I can't write anyway. And it's an excuse to read something longer from you. :)
  • I'm pretty sure I know, but I should probably disqualify myself since *I* have it in common with them, too (which clearly demonstrates that gender, age range or *shudder* appearance have nothing to do with it). Assuming I'm right, that is.
    • (1) You're right, of course; (2) I'm a dolt for forgetting that of course you'd get it in a moment; (3) Since you were such a good sport by not giving it away, you can have a drabble too.
      • Been thinking about this. My prompt is: The Potters and the Evanses (that is, James and Lily's parents).

        Aaaaaand GO!
  • I really think you should give Sherry a cigar (and no drabble), since she was close. I'll be interested to read that drabble!

    But I'm most grateful for having the mystery of Ken - Mitt Romney - Alan Simpson - and Daniel Ellsberg cleared up!
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