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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Mugglenet Book Tour

Mugglenet Book Tour

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Last night I took Hannah to the Mugglenet Book Tour, which was passing through the Borders in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Emerson Spartz and Ben Schoen spent an hour talking about their book What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7, promoting various theories, etc.  I'd forgotten how really young they are (20 and 17, respectively).  (They believe, incidentally, that Harry is a Horcrux.  (But they'd never heard of Melinda's story.)  They think that one good Dementor kiss, aimed specifically at his forehead, will solve the problem.)

They gave out some prizes for answering trivia questions (I got an Alivan's wand for saying that Grindelwald was defeated in 1945, much the easiest question they asked).  Then we got our books signed.

So now I've met Emerson, Melissa and Jennie.   I'm feeling rather silly.
  • :-)

    Sorry about the earwig!

    Isn't it funny when you realize how young some of these people are? It's a constant surprise to me that these folks who run all of these major sites are... half my age. Or less. XD
    • Emerson referred to himself as "the luckiest kid on earth," because he got to interview JKR in 2005. It was a phrase that sounded just right for his smooth, smiling face.

      But if I do that "half my age" stuff, I start down the slippery slope: "Jefferson was Secretary of State at my age; Hamilton's career was over at my age; Kennedy was dead at my age; Keats had been dead for more than two decades at my age..." etc., etc.
      • That reminds me of the Tom Lehrer line: "It is humbling to think, for example, that by the time that Mozart was my age... he'd been dead for five years."
  • I like the last sentence of your post. :)
    • You're glad I feel silly?
      • If it makes you write more funny stuff like Shadow's POV then YES - I am VERY glad you feel silly! Plus, it feels good to be silly once in a while, doesn't it?
  • Oh that sounds great. I didn't know Emerson, Schoen and Melissa were there. A lot of what they think (from their book) I think....but you never know. JKR might pull a ringer. Maybe Hermione will run off with Dobby? LOL I can just imagine some of the questions that were asked. Well, was Hannah impressed?

    Oh yes...one more thing, was Melinda the author of the 7th Horcrux?
    • Emerson and Schoen were there. I met Melissa at Phoenix Rising (she was on the panel with Jennie). Yes, Hannah was impressed; it made up (marginally) for not being allowed to go to Phoenix rising. (She thought we should have lied about her age, and hasn't quite forgiven me for refusing to do so.)

      Melinda, yes, is Melindaleo. I asked Emerson what he thought of the fact that The Seventh Horcrux had been marketed as a pirated version of DH, and he had no idea what I was talking about.
  • Wow, Ken you are in all of the inner circles now. And you are well within JKR's six degrees of separation since you've met Emerson! Feeling silly, indeed!
    • "All the inner circles," hm. If meeting someone for two minutes counts as being in the inner circles, then I'm in a lot more than that. (But yeah, that's sort of what I was fantasizing -- and that's why I feel silly.)

      And it would be one degree of separation. Twice over. :D
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