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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Story Finished, but...

Story Finished, but...

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Well, hm.  I've written a story for the Summer Writing Challenge at Phoenix Song, but to maintain secrecy I can't tell y'all which one it is until after the judging is over (which won't be until the middle of July).  And nobody gets to read it until July 7, when they post the entries.

(This is strangely frustrating.  The first thing you want, after writing a story, is to have somebody read it.)

I'll be interested to see, after it's all over, who was able to recognize my style (so-called).

  • Oh, that must be frustrating! I mean, it's frustrating for me, as a reader, to know that the story's there, but I won't be able to take a look at it before 7th July. So I can definitely understand your frustration. I wonder if I'll be able to detect which story is yours? Any hints? Just for me? *vigorously bats eyelashes* Pretty please, with sugar on top, and all that? *tries puppy dog eyes too, just to be sure* LOL Just kidding, but I'm looking forward to playing Sherlock.

  • Hmmm...I think I can catch your story. Just watch me.

    Sigh... Here I am inundated by HP leaks and spoilers and I can't read your story until July 7?
  • The theme *is* anticipation. Ironic, no?
    • Yes, ironic -- but this is the routine even when their theme is "instant gratification," no?
      • Yes, it is. Another weird thing is that you still get your reviews even during the period when you're anonymous. (But you can't answer them)
  • I toyed with the idea of entering but haven't had chance to get round to it. Now I'm very glad not to be up against you!
    • Oh, pfui. As if either of us would be upset if a friend won. (Actually I was looking forward to guessing which entry was yours. :( )What I really like about this challenge is the anonymity -- which means that I'll have a chance to see how readers like my story when they have no idea who I am.
  • Boy, you're very productive these days! So - did you stay in your usual style, or did you just say that to throw us off the trail?
    • Well, that was actually a joke -- There are a few of you on this List who claim I don't have a "usual style." Antosha says There are others who say that my style consists of killing off a lot of characters. Which is often true occasionally true unfair.
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