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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Chapter Four of A Slow Boat to Shippers' Hell

Chapter Four of A Slow Boat to Shippers' Hell

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Good Morning Sunshine
Those of you who don't frequent SIYE won't have seen my satire, A Slow Boat to Shippers' Hell.  I think (I think) there are things in it that pretty much anyone would find funny, but a lot of it consists of in-jokes concerning authors and staffers on SIYE.  At least four members of my Flist appear as characters, though, so maybe you want to see if you can spot them...

I just posted Chapter Four, the second-to-last chapter.  Chapter Five, I predict, will be more sappy and sentimental than funny.
  • Ken, this is hilarious! I'm particularly enjoying St Sabrina. ;)

    Have you ever read Jasper Fforde's books? I think you might really like them. The first is about Jane Eyre being kidnapped out of the book of the same name and has lots of very funny and clever observations about reading, writing and literature generally. It's called 'The Eyre Affair'.
    • Hi, Ros! No, I've never read any of those books. I should. I'm glad you liked St. Sabrina. Recognize anyone else?
      • Well, there was a miserable looking chap called Kashmir...
        • Doesn't count. You already knew that name. I'll bet you'll recognize some from the earlier chapters.
          • Not many. I'm not a huge fan of H/G fic (except St M's and yours, though imo yours doesn't really count because it's so... different? In a good way!) so I don't hang out at SIYE at all really.

            I think Natasha is probably Antosha and Sargon is the guy who writes the extraordinarily pretentiously titled thing about the 'meaning of one' with numerous parts. I haven't read it so maybe it lives up to the title?

            Are all the Ginny's meant to be particular people too?
            • His title may be pretentious, but the writing's really good.

              The Ginnys are all interchangeable parts; none of them is anyone in particular.
              • Maybe I'll check it out some time. I think the title has actually been putting me off. Not least because I fear it will be a LONG fic, not just half an hour's entertainment.

                Okay with the Ginny's. Ginny-Winston in particular made me wonder if you had someone in mind.
  • Hilarious is an understatement. Great fun to read. Love that mouse. Only can connect a few of the characters though.

    I second the Jasper Fforde books. His character's hame is Thursday Next.
    • Hi, Rachel. You're talking specifically about Chapter Four, right? Hm, in Chapter Four there's one new SIYE staffer and three new fiction authors. One of them you know very well.
      • (no subject) -
        • Hi Rachel,

          I did already have Mary, but her name was St. Sabrina both times. I had her come back for an encore.

          SqueeSquee isn't so much of a writer as she is a champion reviewer.

          The author of The Seventh Horcrux is Melindaleo. "Cooincidence???" Yes, Mushroom is Josh.

          I would never do that to Brad. He's too nice.
  • Incredibly funny, though I have to admit that swallowing four chapters at once proved to be a bit much. I think I recognized a few cameos - even though I do not frequent SIYE. Poor H/G, it's hard to be the Primary Couple - and sleep behind iron bars and plexi glas on your honeymoon. Perhaps they could try out one of the broom cupboards...?
    • Hi, Berte. Glad you liked it. Which ones did you recognize?
      • I'll have to reread it to be able to recall that, but there was of course Kashmir... And I wondered if maybe St.Sabrina could be Mary, but decided I had to reread and really notice what she said before I could nail that one down, being St. was maybe a bit too easy... The one with the eye patch had me thinking of Moey, but I have no idea if she has anything to do with SIYE. Southern belle with pigtail - Gabriella Du Sult?? I'm really out on a limb here, but it was fun to think "Hm - maybe that is...?" So - did I fail, professor?
        • 'Tisn't graded.

          St. Sabrina and Kashmir you got. I'm not 100% sure you know any of the others; they're on my Flist, but I'm not sure whether they're otherwise known to you. Double-check Natasha, SqueeSquee, Sargon. Melodia isn't on my Flist, but you've almost certainly heard of her; the hint is that the crowd mistakes her for someone named "Jo" (not dogstar).
    • Oh I've just worked her out!! I didn't read the one that got plagiarised but I think I've read some oneshots of hers.
    • Yes! Melindaleo, of course. Excellent stories she writes. I remember now thinking it had to be her when reading your fic, but I didn't remember it when I wrote the reply. Yes, I know the're on your flist, I just didn't bothre checking who's there... Lazy? Yes!
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