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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Quill to Parchment Award

Quill to Parchment Award

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QtP, QtP Award

Never even heard of Quill-to-Parchment before this...

Once again I have to thank   stmargaretswithout whose prodding this story would not have been written in the first place.

Does anyone know how to add a banner to the top of your site, or as a background?  (Yes, possibly I mean to add this one, but also Marta is doing a commission painting for me based on Counting to Five Thousand, and I might want to use that.)

  • Oh, and the reason I nominated you (among such a bizarre selection of fics and authors) was simply in the hope that some of those who read at the other end of the fandom might start to realise what they're missing. I hope you get a whole new fan base to appreciate your brilliance.
    • Okay, so clearly I've got both Ros and Mary to thank. Consider yourselves warmly embraced.

      What is "the other end of fandom?" I did see that the whole QtP award process was primarily organized around different ships, and that they were mostly non-canon ships. One gets the impression that many people (most people?) who do fan fic do it in order to express their affection for their favorite ships -- which I really don't understand. (Well, okay, I do understand it to a point. I started reading fan fiction because of my silly anxiety over the fate of Harry & Ginny -- but not to reinforce my belief that it was the OTP.)

      I don't undertand CSS at all, so my skills are zero. How does one find an appropriate group to consult?
      • The 'other end of the fandom' is the dark, scary place where everyone's having graphic sex with the most unlikely characters, where the lists of warnings are longer than the stories themselves, where Brit-picking, beta-reading and canon-compliancy are dirty words, where productivity is a greater virtue than style, form or content...

        Need I go on? Not to say, of course, that all the other stories at QtP are like this. But you won't find many Quill authors nominated, for instance.
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