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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Quill to Parchment Award

Quill to Parchment Award

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QtP, QtP Award

Never even heard of Quill-to-Parchment before this...

Once again I have to thank   stmargaretswithout whose prodding this story would not have been written in the first place.

Does anyone know how to add a banner to the top of your site, or as a background?  (Yes, possibly I mean to add this one, but also Marta is doing a commission painting for me based on Counting to Five Thousand, and I might want to use that.)

  • Thanks, Annette. Yeah, I found out a thing or two. There's something called a "background image," which you can insert with relatively simple code, and which you can place in a particular location (e.g., top-right). I'm not sure how well that'd work for this. I may have to experiment.
    • I've figures out a lot of stuff...

      I hope you've figures out stuff, too!

      *head desk at typo*
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