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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Quill to Parchment Award

Quill to Parchment Award

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QtP, QtP Award

Never even heard of Quill-to-Parchment before this...

Once again I have to thank   stmargaretswithout whose prodding this story would not have been written in the first place.

Does anyone know how to add a banner to the top of your site, or as a background?  (Yes, possibly I mean to add this one, but also Marta is doing a commission painting for me based on Counting to Five Thousand, and I might want to use that.)

  • Right, I've been doing some proper research! (And playing with my own layout too). You can upload a banner with an S2 layout but it depends which basic layout you've chosen as to how customizable they are. If you've started with one of the very basic ones (such as Generator) then it's possible. This is easier than trying to learn the CSS to use S1 layouts. Probably you don't want a background image that repeats so you'll need to set that up. In this case you'll want s2howto to give you the help you'll need.
    • My goodness, when you get your teeth into a topic there's no stopping you, is there? Thanks a million, Ros; I'm sure I'll use it when I see Marta's picture.

      (She hasn't told me for sure which scene she's drawing (I told her to pick the one that moves her), but she thinks it'll be Ginevra serving Ned tea in the kitchen at Strangers' House.)
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