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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Book 7 Predictions

Book 7 Predictions

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Something else I got from  antosha_c


Took quite a while, it did.  I wonder whether there'll be a score sheet or something after the book comes out.  (There were some pretty silly questions, I must say...)

Of course I've already posted predictions, but I haven't checked whether any of them contradict any of these.

  • I agree, there are some rather silly questions there. I admire your fortitude in answering them!

    I missed your predictions first time round so I hope you don't mind me asking a question about one of them. Why do you think Frank Longbottom was a witness of the Potters' deaths? I don't have any opinion about it either way, I just wondered why you thought it was likely.
    • Hi, Berte.

      I think that this, as so many of my beliefs about DH, originates with Valerie (bandcandy) who thinks and researches a lot more than I do.

      Basically we have a number of unexplained facts:

      • Why did Bellatrix et. al. think that the Longbottoms in particular (as opposed to any other Aurors) would know the whereabouts of Voldemort?

      • How did Dumbledore learn, so quickly, what had happened to the Potters?

      • How did Dumbledore come to have possession of James's invisibility cloak?

      If we assume that Frank and/or Alice Longbottom, cloaked, was watching the house at Godric's Hollow, then all these facts are explained. Longbottom (having been told the location by Pettigrew) was stationed at the house to keep watch, saw Voldemort enter and saw the explosion. He apparated to Hogsmeade, told Dumbledore what had happened and gave him the invisibility cloak. But Pettigrew had previously informed the other Death Eaters that Longbottom was standing guard at Godric's Hollow (the last known location of Voldemort), and so they inferred that Longbottom knew where he'd gone.

      So putting Frank/Alice at Godric's Hollow explains quite a lot.
      • Thanks for explaining, Ken. I haven't seen that argument before but, you're right, it does explain a few things.

        You've got me mixed up with Berte again. I'm Bel. I should start signing my posts so you don't get us confused.

        • Oh, for heaven's sake. My apologies to both of you. I hope you're recovering (as well as possible, anyway) from your long voyage.
          • It 3:15 am and I'm looking at live journal: oh the joys of jet lag! Hopefully, an hour out of bed and a cup of ginger tea will send me back to sleep.

  • Well, I think Harry will live. Probably Hermione, don't know about Ron (too many FAKE internet leaks, LOL) I hope Snape lives.

    Theres a interesting new site called ginnymented.com. The whole site is centered about what will happen in DH. You should check out their predictions.
    • Hi, Rachel. I'm going to pass on reading more predictions now, except by my friends. It's just getting too close.
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