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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Deathly Hallows is Songfic

Deathly Hallows is Songfic

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stmargarets    just started a beautiful discussion on her LJ of the relationship between Harry Potter and Campbell's Hero's Journey (something I saw at Phoenix Rising too).

But for some reason I'm in a irretrievably silly mood, so I've decided that DH is really a songfic:

Probably not very many people grew up, as I did, listening to music from James Bond films on their father's stereo.  But I know most of the lyrics by heart, and some of them come to me at the strangest moments.  These songs were known for being practically meaningless most of the time.  (Tom Jones, who'd been contracted to sing one of the themes, once asked Leslie Bricusse what the lyrics meant -- Bricusse famously replied, "Never mind what it means; just sing it with conviction."  ...which he did!)

Anyway, this song (not the one Tom Jones sang) has been going through my head ever since I finished DH.  I'm pretty sure these lyrics were supposed to give the feeling of haiku, but never mind that.  Imagine Nancy Sinatra:

       You only live twice
       or so it seems,
       one life for yourself
       and one for your dreams.

       You drift through the years
       and life seems tame,
       Till one dream appears
       and Love is its name.

       And Love is a stranger
       who'll beckon you on,
       Don't think of the danger
       or the stranger is gone.

       This dream is for you,
       so pay the price.
       Make one dream come true:
       you only live twice.

Sounds like DH to me...
  • Yes it does!!! It's Harry/James (Bond), but that was cute.

    By the way, I have a great CD. All of the Bond theme movie music. It's call The Essential James Bond. I purchased it for my son, and listened to it. It's now on my hard drive.

    And because you're in a silly mood, behold the icon. The best (and most ludacris) line in deathly hallows.
  • My husband has that greastest Bond hits or whatever it's called. *rolls eyes* He loves the Bond movies and always watches bits of them when they're on TV.

    You only live twice, indeed. I'm just glad Harry got to be the man-who-lived by the end of DH.

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