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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Tom Swifty Time

Tom Swifty Time

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moonette1, in her last beta review of one of my chapters, took me to task for using too many adverbs in describing people speaking.  (You know, "he said admiringly," things like that.)  After thinking about it for a long time I decided she was right (as usual), BUT --

I am now reminded of a game Dad used to play with us, called "Tom Swifties."  You have a character (Tom) speak a line, in which the adverb for the speech is a pun on what is said.  Such as:


·        “I need to get to the right side of the ship,” said Tom sternly.
·        “Hey, I thought we were playing Bridge!” said Tom wistfully.
·        “This is clearly veinous blood, not arterial blood,” said Tom darkly.
·        “That anti-miscegenation statute violates the constitution,” said Tom lovingly.
·        “That ceiling will never stay up without more supports,” said Ron Tom archly.

You get the idea.

Care to have a go?

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