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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Marta's Painting of Counting to Five Thousand

Marta's Painting of Counting to Five Thousand

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I splurged by asking Marta (a.k.a.

sevietto do a commission watercolor for me, based on Counting to Five Thousand.  I told her she should do whichever scene most inspired her.


She selected the scene in which Ginevra is serving Ned tea in the kitchen of Stranger's House, in Chapter Two.  (She was tickled by my description of Ned's clothing.)  I think her vision of Ned is fabulous (much clearer than the picture I had in my head), and I think she's got both Ginevra's strength and her sorrow.

So now I'm going to go back to girlyswot's instructions for banners, and see if I can't get this picture as mine.
  • That's really lovely, Ken. Ask if you need any help getting it onto your LJ.
  • That location of yours

    You don't mind if I pop over to where you are, do you? A quick portkey would be nice to have now. I'm drooling, just thinking about clam chowder. I feel the smell tickling my nose, and I still have two more months before I get the chance to have some. *dramatic sigh* You're teasing me, Ken.

    Nice watercolour, too.
  • Oh that is so lovely. I love the detail in the background. Yes, I really liked the picture of Ned, especially his face. I don't know why, for some reason I assoicate Ned with you. This story was one of my favorites and told so skillfully, I began to think of you and Ned as the same.
    • Hmm, Ned and I probably share some characteristics. I was originally thinking of Ned as starting out like Percy, wet-behind-the-ears and oh-so-sure of himself, but capable of learning a lot from his experience.
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