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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Banner by Hansolohpfrk

Banner by Hansolohpfrk

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Harry & Ginny Close-Up
Hansolohpfrk, who read Savoring Patience on Mugglenet FF, spontaneously decided to make a banner for it.

An embarassment of riches, this is.
  • Why is this an embarrassment of riches? I'd be skipping if someone were so inspired by something I wrote. It's really cool.
    • I'm probably misusing the phrase. What I meant was that I am receiving more riches (art) than I could reasonably ask for, i.e., I'm embarassed to have so much. (I also felt a little silly that I paid Marta, when Hanni went and did it as a gift. Not that I begrudge Marta her fee, by the way; she's worth every knut!)
  • No it's not. It's a bounty of riches. Wonderful banner. I'm sure there are more to come. :)

    Take care,

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