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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Some Writing Competitions

Some Writing Competitions

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Just a gentle nudge, reminding all of you talented people out there that there are lots of opportunities for writers of original fiction.

Some writing competitions:

Writer's Digest Competitions  (various formats and deadlines, prizes up to $3,000).

Momaya Press competition (under 2,500 words, deadline April '08, prize up to $200; theme: "Passion").

Fish Publishing competitions (various formats and deadlines, prizes up to $2,500).

The Short Story web site lists many different UK competitions.

About.com's Fiction Writing page lists contests by month.

  • And which ones will you be competing in?

    I'll have to bookmark this post so that I can check these sites when an original plot bunny finally makes its way into my brain.
    • Not competing in any, yet; don't have a story to submit. But I'm sniffing around, preparing the ground for when I do have an original idea.
  • Scary, scary, scary.
    • Which part? Writing the original story or entering the competition?

      For me, it's the former. All of these fan fiction ideas seem to pour out with no effort at all, but original ones just stall.

      Once I do have an original story, though, I don't think I'll be shy about competing with it. Worst that can happen is that I'll lose, right?
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