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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Original Fiction Group

Original Fiction Group

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I've begun to have ideas for original fiction, and I think that soon (not sure how soon) I'll try writing some of it. Right now what's coming to me are ideas for short stories.

It appears that publishers don't like submissions that have previously posted on a "publicly available web site." On the other hand, they do like submissions that have been previously shown to others for comment. I have benefited
tremendously from the comments of my friends and readers in the past, and I mean to keep doing so.  Normally I'd just post the new stories to the LJ, visible to "friends only."


  1. Most of you began reading my stuff because of Fan Fiction, and some might not be interested in seeing work that wasn't HP-related. That's cool, and doesn't hurt my feelings.
  2. I'm going to need to ask for a higher level of confidentiality for original fiction, i.e., not discussing it outside the comments to the post, and some of you might not be comfortable with that. That's cool too.
Therefore, I'll assemble a separate Original Fiction List, made up only of those who ask to be on it.  The original fiction will appear here on my LJ, but only those on that List will be able to see it.

 Who's game for this?  If you're comfortalbe with the parameters above, just reply to this post, and you're in.
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