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Challenge Art

Challenge Art

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In answer to girlyswot's challenge, I have done a drawing.  I'm afraid it only shows how far I have yet to go in my skills, especially when it comes to drawing the human face, but here it is anyway.

The drawing doesn't manage to capture the kindness and mischief emanating from the original, and the hair is what Ros's friend would call "a child filling-in," but it's not bad for a first try:

Also I need considerably more subtlety in my highlight and shadow.  The lines of the face are much more stark than they should be.  The result is that she looks dramatic and interesting,  but less warm and happy than she should.

  • Well, it might not be what one who draws for hours on end each day would've made (you set your standards high, don't you?), but it is very promising. Of course there's room for improvement (there almost always is), but this is a great start! Well done, Ken. I think you should be proud of it, God knows what my contribution will look like... :(
    • Thanks, Berte.

      It's not so much the high standards as being acutely aware that I attempted to draw a friend. Ros was very gracious (see below), but I wanted to make sure she knows that I know that she's much prettier than what I drew. (When I draw people, my drawings are never as good-looking as the people themselves; you'd think it'd be the other 'way round!)
      • You know, unless it's a pro, I rarely find drawings looking prettier than the subject. It's hard. SO this is Ros, huh? She reminds me of one of my cousins (another wonderful woman).
  • This is your first go at drawing a portrait? It's really quite excellent! Your shading is wonderful and you did lovely highlights where highlights should go. I have found when drawing an open mouth to not draw the teeth so defined and shaded in between. I do a very faint line, very lightly shadowed, otherwise they look decayed! *blech* It's easier to draw a closed mouth! ;)

    You should sign up for drawing classes at your local school or hobby shop. You have great potential!
    • Thanks, Cindy; I'm flattered. It's, um, let's see, my eighth attempt at a portrait. I've done three self-portraits, one of my wife, one of my daughter, one of my wife and son together, and one of my father. The frustrating thing is that we're all better-looking than the pictures I drew.

      Ineed it was hard to draw the mouth; thanks for the tip about the light lines between the teeth! I'll try that next time. It's noses that give me the biggest headache, though. On the highlights and shadows on the face, I have a tiny advantage in that I used to do stage make-up, both for myself and for other people, and so learned where highlights and shadows "normally" go and how they usually blend. But the thing to do here, of course, was to put them where they really went!
  • I like the shading. Really made the picutre interesting. It made the face stand out more in contrast to the clothes. Pretty darn good!
  • You drew me!!!! No one's ever drawn me before. *is a bit wibbly but in a good way*

    I'm seriously impressed, Ken. I can't draw people, especially faces, at all. Certainly not in a recognisable way. Well done and thanks so much for taking up the challenge.
    • Because, obviously, I meant to use this icon!
    • Thanks, Ros. I was nervous about posting this, because I knew it only looks vaguely like you. I'm relieved that you recognized yourself in it at all! It looks like someone, though.

      I like drawing people, but it's frustrating because so far, my execution never lives up to my intent. My first attempt at a portrait of my wife made her look positively grim, which is not the way I see her at all.
  • I'm quite impressed!
  • I like the shading and highlights, too. Wonderful job!
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