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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Tagged to make lists of Fours

Tagged to make lists of Fours

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Tagged by nundu_art , I respond:

  1. Four Movies You Can Always Watch:

    1. Lawrence of Arabia
    2. The Lion in Winter
    3. Henry V
    4. Pleasantville

    Four Bands You Can't Get Enough of:

    1. The Beatles
    2. The Roches
    3. Crash Test Dummies
    4. Uncle Banzai

    Four Towns You've Lived In:

    1. Middletown, Connecticut
    2. Madison, New Jersey
    3. Kalamazoo, Michigan
    4. South Attleboro, Massachusetts

    Four Shows You Like to Watch:

    1. Babylon Five
    2. House M.D.
    3. Nova
    4. The American Experience

    Four Websites You Visit Daily:

    1. Live Journal
    2. Phoenix Song
    3. eBay
    4. Google

    Four Favorite Foods:

    1. Pasta with Pesto di Nocci
    2. Blanched Asparagus
    3. Baingan Bhurta
    4. Grilled Lamb Chops, very rare

    Four Places You'd Like to Be Now:

    1. Siena (the one in Tuscany)
    2. Bergen (the one in Norway)
    3. Denali National Park
    4. Anywhere with clear night skies and no artificial lighting

I think I'll tag ndanukiwi , minisinoo , and iamstarmom . 
  • I thought I'd be the only one wanting to be in Alaska on the cusp of winter! Denali is beautiful. I went dog-sledding in the shadow of McKinley last winter. I'd move there if the opportunity presented itself. I too have learned to love life away from artificial lights. The view with no light pollution is unbelievable. My husband and I spend many a night just stretched out on a blanket in the yard looking at stars.
    • Hi! Actually I hadn't thought about the season. I was in Denali in the summertime (August). Dog sledding isn't my thing.
  • I loved your list about bands you can't get enough of! I really like Uncle Banzai and the Roches. I could listen to those girls harmonize all the time.
  • You'd like to be in my birth town! *squees* Bergen, that is, and I agree. It would be especially fun to be there now, as Brann (Bergen's soccer team) is on top of the league and is a shoe-in for the cup. One match left, but their lead is substantial, so I hope they win, they haven't won since 63. Prettiest *town* in Norway. My cousin and her hubby went there in September, and were instantly enamoured. If that town were in the US, they'd move there in an instant.

    We've been blessed with faulty street lights in our street for a few weeks, which makes the night skies highly enjoyable. Walking between houses is not, as you don't see a thing.

    • I was in Bergen 24 years ago, and only too briefly. But what a view! Those houses hanging off of those high hills, wow!
    • I've been to Bergen twice and enjoyed both visits.
  • Which version of Henry V? I remember seeing the Kenneth Branagh version in the theater and being blown away by it. It didn't hurt that it was in one of those oversized theaters with the gigantic concave screens, either. :-)

    I also used to watch the American Experience all the time, too. I was unaware that it was still on the air--I'll have to TIVO it.
    • It was the Branagh I was thinking of. I've never seen the Olivier. (Actually I find that a lot of the Olivier Shakespeare films from the 30s and 40s haven't worn all that well -- except his Richard III...)
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