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Spreading the Word about Pretty Bird Woman House

Spreading the Word about Pretty Bird Woman House

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I learned from  

minisinoo about Pretty Bird Woman House, a women's shelter on a Sioux reservation that was burglarized and torched.  A fund is being raised to buy a replacement building, without which the shelter will die.  Min assures me this is legit.  If you read the story behind this, I warn you, you're going to be pretty angry.  It's the season when a lot of us do our donating, so I thought I'd pass this on...



  • Does burglarized mean anything different from burgled, I wonder?
  • Now I know where we got our ideas for treatment of the Sami and Gypsies from. I haven't heard that they were molested, but denied their own language? Oh yes. It's not a part of our history that makes me especially proud. This whole 'them' and 'us' thinking is quite sickening, and the results ... urgh. Rebuilding pride in one's ancestry, pride of oneself and love for the rest of the world takes a lot of work, but it is doable - and Pretty Bird Woman House is part of that. Thanks for sharing, Ken - I've passed the story on.
    • Thanks, Berte. The human potential for hideous treatment of other humans is sometimes breathteaking.
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