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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Ten Ways

Ten Ways

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Mother Ginevra
A meme I got (I believe that the technical LJ term is "gacked") from minisinoo.



Ten Ways to Tell You're Reading a Story by Rhetoretician:

  1. It's probably short, less than 12,000 words altogether.
  2. Despite being short, there's a fair chance it's divided into three parts.
  3. There are lots of concrete descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, textures.
  4. If it's an HP story, Hermione is probably in it somewhere.
  5. Even if it's an HP story, it's devoid of teenage stupidity.
  6. One part of the story takes place decades, if not centuries, if not millenia, after another part of the story.
  7. Somebody dies.
  8. Somebody else is heartbroken.
  9. You're reaching for a tissue by the last page.
  10. You feel really good about the fact that you're crying.


  • Heh. Took me a while to discover the meaning of 'gack', too. Sometimes it's hard to grok the workings of this LJ world.

    (I think this latest LOLCAT thing is a hoot, and the best solid example I can think of an whole (miniaturised) 'sub-culture' sort of thing that I've witnessed from its birth)

    #4 - yay! :-)

    #5 - I don't want to rehash old territory, but I thought you *liked* HBP? What is your opinion of HBP in conjunction with your definition of 'teenage stupidity'? I thought there was a lot of the latter in the former.
  • For me, #6 is the absolute clincher!!

    I think it would be fair to say that #7 isn't quite accurate - usually a lot of people die, not just one, though quite often they die offstage. And yes, someone is usually heartbroken - very often the reader. And I'm often reaching for the tissue much earlier than that!

    Despite being short, it feels like the fullest, most profound thing you've read in a long time. You can't read it quickly, or skim it. You have to savour every word slowly and carefully.
    • Aw, Ros, you say the sweetest things. Thank you.

      Actually they all die offstage, don't they? I don't think I've written any on-camera death scenes -- unless you count Emily, that is. And I guess you can say Fabian and Gideon died on camera, except that I cut to the next scene a second or two beforehand. And does it count if they die in a flashback?

  • All very true. Especially that last one. ;-)

    And I think that the first few times I tried to use the word gack, I used cack instead. Fortunately, my flist at the time were very forgiving, and I don't think that there were any Yiddish speakers among them.
  • Get well soon, Ken! *hugs you*

    *finds magic get-well-tea, zaps it over*

    I love your stories. They're not the ones you read fast, they need to be savoured. Enjoyed in a tempo that allows for reflection while reading. They're so compact, you manage to put such a lot in them. And I love it - it's uniquely you. I have to say, though, that #9 is rarely true - it happens way sooner!

    Now rest and get healthy again. *hugs*
  • I agree with 6. I specially liked the archaeological report fic you wrote but then I love archaeology and reading dig reports too.

    Hope you feel better soon!
    • Thanks, Hazel. I'm not sure why I always feel compelled to put such distance between the ends of the story. Something about it resonates for me.

      I'm not in too much discomfort, but my voice is gone, which is immensely frustrating.
  • Numbwer 10 soms up ALL your writing. (Well, most of it).

    Sorry you're sick. Get a lot of rest, soup, tea,etc.
    • Thanks, Rachel. Tea I've got, and today's my day off, so I won't be working too hard (except that I've got to finish a bunch of documents in preparation for a meeting on Monday).
  • All of these are true, of course, but you also write humor very well. Deck G, indeed.

    Ah, teenage stupidity - sort of redundant, isn't it? :) *huggles all those teens out there*
    • Thanks, Mary. Gotta be in a special mood to write humor, though.

      Ah, well. My eldest is just now becoming a teenager. I'd better change my attitude.
  • I love this list! Isn't it fun when we've written enough to see a sort of style emerging?

    *crosses legs and peers over eyeglasses with legal pad and pen* (I don't even wear eyeglasses!)

    "So, Mr. rhetoretician - settle back on the couch and tell me about this fixation you have with Hermione."
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