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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Ten Ways

Ten Ways

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Mother Ginevra
A meme I got (I believe that the technical LJ term is "gacked") from minisinoo.



Ten Ways to Tell You're Reading a Story by Rhetoretician:

  1. It's probably short, less than 12,000 words altogether.
  2. Despite being short, there's a fair chance it's divided into three parts.
  3. There are lots of concrete descriptions of sights, sounds, smells, textures.
  4. If it's an HP story, Hermione is probably in it somewhere.
  5. Even if it's an HP story, it's devoid of teenage stupidity.
  6. One part of the story takes place decades, if not centuries, if not millenia, after another part of the story.
  7. Somebody dies.
  8. Somebody else is heartbroken.
  9. You're reaching for a tissue by the last page.
  10. You feel really good about the fact that you're crying.


  • Heh. Took me a while to discover the meaning of 'gack', too. Sometimes it's hard to grok the workings of this LJ world.

    (I think this latest LOLCAT thing is a hoot, and the best solid example I can think of an whole (miniaturised) 'sub-culture' sort of thing that I've witnessed from its birth)

    #4 - yay! :-)

    #5 - I don't want to rehash old territory, but I thought you *liked* HBP? What is your opinion of HBP in conjunction with your definition of 'teenage stupidity'? I thought there was a lot of the latter in the former.
  • I am clearly the only person in the world who really thinks that LOLCATs and all variants thereof are not funny and profoundly irritating. The combination of deliberately bad spelling and/or grammar with pictures of cats is just unforgivable, imo. And I'm constantly surprised at the people who otherwise appear intelligent and interesting, yet enjoy these things!
    • I don't quite understand how the bad grammar part of it came about myself; cats, being less intelligent than humans, can't spell? But the pictures are often either very funny or very cute, and the dialogue/captions often hilarious, so overall I quite enjoy them, even if it's sometimes an effort to decipher the spelling.

      I spent half an hour ploughing through the lolcats site - or one of them, the cheezburger site, here - and couldn't stop giggling sporadically. Only got part-way through, too ... I never realised there were so *many*!
      • Yes, I think the proliferation is another reason they irritate me. Fortunately not too many of my flist like to post them. But also, I just don't like cats (or should that be catz?). And I think I've seen a number of these that aren't funny - just downright offensive.

        Still, I suppose there are worse ways for people to waste their time on the net...
  • Thanks, Brad. (I'm completely lost as to what LOLCATS has to do with this. Is that the origin of the term "gacked?")

    There's a lot of teenage stupidity throughout the latter half of the series, starting with GoF and right through DH. The worst, IMO, is Harry's behavior in OotP -- I found myself cheering Phineas Nigellus when he chewed Harry out!
    • Proof that you're a teacher. ;-)
      • Yeah. When Phineas started in with "You know, this is why I really loathed being a teacher," I was saying "Right on!"
    • (Anonymous)
      Oh, I just mentioned LOLCATS as being the most recent thing that I've learnt which is unique to this strange LJ world, like 'gacked', that's all.
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