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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

My Terminus Readings; Lunar Eclipse

My Terminus Readings; Lunar Eclipse

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Before I forget, I hope everybody tries to see tonight's total eclipse of the moon.  It's supposed to be too cloudy here in Rhode Island to see it, but maybe the rest of you will get a look.  It's especially nifty in a telescope.

Today's news:  I've been approved to give a reading of two of my stories at Terminus 2008 in Chicago this August.

The two stories are The Torch (which won the prize for fiction at last year's Phoenix Rising conference, although the version I'll be reading is a bit longer than that one) and Minding the Baby (which won the "Best One-Shot" prize on SIYE last August).  The reading will occur on "Authors and Artists Night," which is August 10th.

So -- a chance to blow the dust off my acting skills and try them out!


  • You just gave me a reason to attend a Potter convention.

    Sigh..if I could that is. By the way, will you ever post the longer version of the Torch?

    It's snowing and overcast here, so no moon gazing on my part.
    • Hi Rachel,

      Not only did I post it here in January, and on Phoenix Song in March, but on Phoenix Song you left me a review for it!
      • *chortle* I just realized that. Now I remember...

        Never mind :) Off to take my nap. I have off today. Later I'll maybe play in the snow again.
  • A well-deserved honor. Congratulations! Wish I could go hear you read. Will they be taping it?
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