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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Attention, fashion mavens!

Attention, fashion mavens!

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Sir Joseph Porter
I'm going to write a story in which one of the characters is highly sensitive to clothing -- to what's stylish, what looks good, what's inappropriate, what's daring, etc.  She also will be able to interpret the possible hidden meaning behind the clothing -- e.g., "Sarah's wearing X; I didn't realize she was so unhappy."  That sort of thing.  The story might be set in the present, or it might be set in the early 1960s (haven't decided).

The problem, of course, is that I have very little fashion sense of my own (48-year-old straight male college professor; you can just imagine, can't you?).  I will absolutely need a consultant.

Anybody feel up to it?
  • LOL, Ken. Is Anya on your Flist? I'll bet she'd be great help.
  • So you ask a bunch of people who spend their time on lj? LOL! I'd go and smile at Anya, she's probably the most knowledgable of us.
  • Me, me, me! Though not so hot on the 1960's, sorry. But I feel I've spent sufficient hours watching What Not To Wear and Project Runway to qualify. Also, I am a member of stylishly_yours and I'm sure that our members would love to dissect your outfit choices.

    As a caveat, fashion in the US is different and there are different signals. So you'd probably need an American, too.
    • What is Project Runway? I've seen it as a label on Simplicity patterns but didn't know it was anything particualar.
      • I think I told you about it once before. It's a reality show where 15 wannabe fashion designers get a different challenge to create an outfit every week with limited budget and time. It's the best thing on American TV by far! Sadly, the season is over and I won't be here for the next one.

        The guy in my icon won the last season. He was utterly brilliant and really rather sweet behind his cocky arrogance.
      • Oh yes, you told us about it. And I've read about it elsewhere too. Sometimes I really wish I had satellite TV.
      • Oh I remember that icon. Yes you did tell us about the show. I just didn't link it to the dress patterns. I guess they are some of the design from the show.
    • Oh, I LOVE What Not to Wear. I want to go and have that done to me!
      • Have you ever seen the UK version on BBC America? I think (in my wholly unbiassed opinion!) it's much better. My American friends agree, too. Trinny and Susannah who present it give really good advice and genuinely change people's lives, I think.
    • Thanks, Ros! I don't think I'll get so detailed that the US vs UK signals will matter, but who knows? The 1960s was just a thought -- and really there was only one plot point that had anything to do with it. It's probably easier to make it contemporary.

      I think you'll be the one giving me the fashion choices, rather than dissecting them. Let me give you an idea of what I'm talking about, offline...
  • I'd love to volunteer, but unless you're writing a story from my neck of the woods, I don't think I'll be much help. Though who knows. I wouldn't mind being a secondary level consultant - giving you feedback on whether your primary consultant's advice rings true for other readers. And I'd definitely recommend Anya, she probably has just the knowledge you need, being American and all.

    Then there's also the thing that different demographics have different codes, so you could probably pull off almost anything as long as it's rooted in her 'group'.

    As for 48-year old straight male college professors... they're the most excellent bores. Yeah, right. *rolls eyes* Just kidding, but fashion sense is not part of the curriculum is it? Not for 40-year old straight male computer consultants, either...
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