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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Featured Story on Mugglenet!

Featured Story on Mugglenet!

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Good Morning Sunshine

Chapter Two of Counting to Five Thousand was just validated on Mugglenet Fan Fiction.

The administrator who approved it, Phoenix5225, wrote in a review that she liked it so much that she'd be putting it on the Featured Stories list, and that it should be up by Christmas Eve or so.  So I immediately posted the Epilogue in hopes that it will be visible when the story makes the list.


  • Woot! Go you! Why are you so surprised? It's a brilliant story.
    • First of all, darling Mary, thank you for that.

      Secondly, I'm surprised because (see the Review Envy thread) I've been trying to reconcile myself to being loved by a few, wonderful people and ignored by everybody else. (But maybe Kim (Pheonix5225) is just one of the wonderful people...)
  • Woot! Congrats!
  • Excellent! Now use that high to write something else wonderful!
    • I'm happy for you. That is great. Erm...I've never been to mugglenet fan fiction. But, I will go over there just to look at the story
    • Thanks, Annette. I'll try. (The current work -- the Christmas Engagement Challenge at SIYE -- is never going to qualify as "wonderful", but I have high hopes for the future.)
  • Congrats!

    Happy holidays :D

    (You don't know me, but I'm mugglegurl, a pretty active member at MNFF. I like to congratulate people.)
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