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Prophesized Six?

Prophesized Six?

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My 14-year-old daughter has read bengpotter31's Harry Potter and the Twists of Fate, and now wants to read Harry Potter and the Prophesized Six. But while Twists of Fate was rated PG-13, Prophesized Six is rated R, and the arrangement in our house is that the kid can't read any R-rated fanfic unless Dad passes on it first.

It's thirty-one chapters long. So far. *whine.* I really don't do a lot of fan fic reading anymore, except for stories written by my friends,

Has any of you read this one already? If so, can you give me a clue as to various appropriate/inappropriate aspects of it, so that I don't have to read the whole thing?
  • Sorry - I've been avoiding it on the principle that spelling errors in the title don't bode well for the rest of the fic.
    • I agree. I'd not let my child read it if she were 14 just because kids these days (get off my lawn!!!!) don't need to be exposed to any more terrible spelling and grammar.

      That said, my priorities seem to be different than most parents' when it comes to ratings - I'm much more concerned about violence than sex. To me, sex is a fairly natural thing and shouldn't be treated as if it needs to be kept secret and shameful. Violence, on the other hand, is abhorrent in all but the most extreme circumstances and certainly should not be viewed by children until they are able to appreciate the distinction between necessary and gratuitous violence. My daughter is eight (almost nine - I feel so old!) and still in the Disney Princess stage of entertainment, though, so I haven't had to cross this particular bridge just yet.
      • I'm generally with you, Val, both on the grammar and on the sex vs. violence thing.

        But some of the R-rated stuff on some sites (even on SIYE) has some pretty disturbing combined sexual violence that's given me bad dreams for a few nights. My daughter's pretty good at self-editing such things, but if it comes on her unawares she's going to get upset.

        And she's already read Breanie, so whatever damage is going to be done by bad grammar has already been done.
    • Me too, but I don't think I can forbid her to read it based on grammar.
  • *sniffs* can't help you either. That story sucked. Well, I didn't give it a chance. I read the first 2 chapters and gave up. It should not be too bad, because it's on SIYE and their version of R is pretty tame.

    Beginning is plenty dull, perhaps she'll give up too. Ask her to write her own. She has your genes.
    • You are too sweet. Actually she is writing her own.

      Where'd you get that icon?
      • I have a student worker who posts on LJ under the name slilsister (her name is Sarah.) I can't link user names when I'm off the blog. Do you know how? Sarah and I work together. She's graduating in December.

        Anyway, she found it on another forum. It was too big, so she cropped it down. I. You can have it if you want.

        I did the one for this post the other day. I have a program to crop down gifs. Cropping animated ones are very hard. I can't do that.
  • Have her read it on PS. I know that what's posted there hasn't got anywhere close to an R-rating, so it's safe -- at least so far. I think the "worst" that's happened has been encounters w/DE's, and there's a few more hints of heavy snogging/making out going on, but that's all **so far**. I've skimmed/read most of the ch's we've got posted so far, b/c I've been the one checking the files in validation, so I'll vouch for it so far. I don't know what's planned in the future, obviously, but so far, I wouldn't have had any issues w/my kids reading it (I've got one who's just turned 15). I will admit that I tend to let my daughter watch *some* R-rated films, but only if they're for the mystery/storyline elements, not for the sexuality. I *think* the author's probably aiming for more sexuality later on (hence his rating for now), but he hasn't gotten there *yet*.

    Hope that helps a bit. And I don't blame you for not wanting to read it yourself, overall, though. I know it's fairly popular, but it's just not my cup of tea overall :-)
    • Thanks, Sherry. That's good advice. Actually I've e-mailed the author in hopes he'll tell me a little about what's coming.

      I got a few paragraphs into it, and the writing was so bad that I just couldn't go on. I will if I have to, but it's going to be like pulling teeth.
      • Ken... this is from the latest chapter update's A/N: I’m trying to post every two weeks ... Just be assured that this story will go on until it is done, maybe another 30 to 40 chapters more. I'm sure if you emailed the author, he could tell you more about what he's got planned (he seems like a nice guy, from what little I've dealt with him). Otherwise... not only would you have TONS to read through, but it'll take him another year+ for him to finish it!

        Just thought you ought to know ;-)
  • Much sympathy on this one. Haven't been able to read that particular fic (not my cup of tea, as said above. ;-) ), but I'm running into this same issue with my 13-year-old. Unfortunately, he's looking to read Naruto fanfic, a fandom that is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I tend to pass those fics over to my hubby to peruse. Or, when I'm desperate, I download them into MS Word and do a "Find" for every curse word or sexual word I can think of. LOL!
    • If only the individual bad words were the problem. My daughter can handle bad words -- but there are some fics where the reality of what is being implied is much more disturbing than the words themselves. *shivers.* The search wouldn't turn it up.
    • Is that supposed to be the Doctor calling a Dalek "brother?" WTF?
      • LOL!! No, no - that's a spoof of a popular HarryPotter fandom joke. Go to www.potterpuppetpals.com and watch "Bothering Snape," to get the joke. ;-)

        And re: the other - yes, totally agree. That's what makes it so tough! Then again, nobody said parenting would be easy, I suppose!
  • I too started it and couldn't get past the first chapter. Sorry.

    But hey--at least yours is reading H/G fic! The last time I saw 14-year-old reading an HP fic at all, it was Ginny/Draco, which, aside from the fact that it's a ship that I loathe, is a ship far more likely to bring equations of sex and power that make my stomach churn. (That one was fairly tame--sort of Twilight Meets Pride and Prejudice. :sigh:)
    • Yeah -- I don't object to such things on principle, but I kinda wish kids were exposed only to very simplistic sexuality.
      • :sigh:

        Yeah, I do understand. On the other hand, I also know that popular culture right now is even more sexualized than it was when we were kids—my theory is that it's a backlash from the AIDS epidemic and the "Just Say No" mentality. Or perhaps it's just the way that cultures progress.

        In any case, I know that simply talking to her friends—watching TV or listening to music or going to dances—she's exposed to a level of sexuality that I find... well, not appalling, really, but saddening, since there's no real understanding conveyed of exactly what it is that is involved. My wife's students are constantly being pulled in two different directions: they're constantly told by their peers and the culture that sex is a meaningless, casual thing—on a level with a hug or a handshake or a game of cards—while they are constantly surprised at their own emotional reactions, which tell them something very different. The kids who are the most thoughtful or emotionally literate can at least figure out what it is that they really want and need (and remember what their parents expect, ahem, ahem) before they get swept away by something they don't really understand.
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