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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Terminus Bound

Terminus Bound

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In 36 hours my daughter and I will be en route to Chicago for the Terminus 2008 conference.  It'll be a busy conference for me, what with the paper I'm giving, the panel I'm moderating, the fan fiction reading I'm doing, the trivia tournament in which we're participating, etc.  But hopefully it'll be fun too.  I'm going mostly for the daughter, who just turned 14 and is therefore old enough to go to an HP conference.  She's jazzed.

I'm also looking forward to seeing

praetorianguard, kinderjedi, nljfs, and joianoel's friend Karen.

I don't know how much time I'll have for posting -- I did a blow-by-blow of Phoenix Rising, but my dance card wasn't nearly as full for that one as for this.  In any case, posts about my paper, panel or daughter will probably be friends-locked, but posts about everything else will be open.

36 hours after we get back from Terminus, the whole family will drive north to Prince Edward's Island, a trip that will take a total of eleven days.  Then I'll have only a week to get my Fish Knife contest entry into shape, then another week to get ready for fall classes.  So my posting/commenting opportunities may be thin on the ground for a while...


Be well, everyone.

  • I really wish it had worked out for me to do this. Have a great time!
  • Have fun! And suggest that they hold a HP conference in Australia, will you? :-)
    • Thanks, Brad. I think the Narrate Conferences people are all Yanks. But I'll bet there are organizations in Australia that would set up a conference, if prompted...
  • Have fun and even if you can't give us the blow-by-blow acount a nice summary would be appreciated. I hope they don't have one in Australia. I really don't want to have to agonise about whether to go or not.
  • Break a leg or two. :D Have some fun for me, too.
  • (no subject) -
  • Have a great trip! Prince Edward's Island sounds wonderful.
  • While I realize that those of you in New England actually look at PE Island as a lovely vacation spot and not merely a memorial to L.M. Montgomery, should you actually hit any LMM related spots, I'd love to see pictures!

    Have an absolutely fantastic time in Chicago. Will you be doing any sight-seeing or will your time primarily be spent at Terminus? I'm sorry I won't be there to meet you! Watch out for Karen Chalker (Prof. Roselle Abbington)- she's either a really great gal, with a warm, generous heart and a fantastic sense of whimsy ...or she's a nut. ;-) It's rather hard to tell via the internet, isn't it? I expect a full, uncensored report should you encounter her.
    • Welllll, as it happens we're going to focus our attention on the Anne-related sites. This is the 100th anniversary of AoGG, and there are a lot of special things planned on the island, especially in Cavendish, this year. So I think we'll have a few pictures for you.

      I'll be actively looking for Karen/Roselle. Anybody who's going to this conference is a bit of a nut, so that wouldn't be a surprise.

      Have you got any restaurant recommendations for me?
    • You want restaurants?

      I was talking to a friend the other day about Karen, who is a hospice nurse, and how I just love the fact that you can have people with such amazing hearts, from all walks of life, who get together at these events. I think I envy you a bit this opportunity to be at Terminus!

      As for restaurants, you came to the right woman!

      I strongly recommend the restaurants in the Heart of Italy neighborhood on the 2400 block of Oakley Ave. It's this tiny neighborhood with restaurants that have been run by the same families for generations. In particular:
      Bacchnalia, Ignotz Ristorante, La Fontanella, and Il Vicinato. Ignotz is my personal favorite. If you go there, tell Roger (the owner) that Joia sent you. In fact, you could tell any of the restaurant owners that and you'll get a big hug and kiss. :-) I'd recommend that area over the better-know Taylor Street (Little Italy) neighborhood, as their restaurants are mostly all chains. They're still good just not as good (IMO) as those on Oakely Ave.

      For good old fashioned dives, try Mr. G's Dawg & Burger on Clark Street, just south of Chicago Ave. They serve huge burgers and a big paper bag of french fries.

      For Chicago Pizza, my personal favorite is Edwardo's at 1212 N Dearborn St. I think you can taste the fresh ingredients better in their sauce. Giordano's is also outstanding, as is Lou Miceli's on Wells St. If you go to Lou Miceli's for pizza, make sure you get their chocolate chip pizza for dessert. It's a hot chocolate chip cookie served with vanilla ice cream melting over the top. Yum!

      Also on Wells you'll find Ed Debevic's at 640 N Wells St. They're a lot of fun. The schtick there is that the waiters are deliberately rude. Try the cheese fries there - again, yum.

      Have fun!
    • You want restaurants?

      P.S. As I mentioned, they all know me on Oakley Ave and Taylor St., but you'll get an even bigger reaction by mentioning my boss, Ron Onesti (Oh-Ness-Tee).
  • You have lots to look forward to! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and get all of that work done that you need to in plenty of time to feel prepared. Try not to stress. Thank you for fitting in my critique before you left. I wasn't expecting you to, and I greatly appreciate it. I hope that didn't add any gray hairs to your beard!

    You don't need a week to get your Fish Knife story into shape. You'll be fine. Just enjoy each thing as it comes.
  • How wonderful! I'm sure you two will enjoy yourselves greatly. Any kind of report will be appreciated, I'll only get to one of these conferences vicariously... You're going to PEI? Will you get to see Mary before they head north? Anyway, I wish you all a most plesant trip. Picspam is expected, of course.
    • Hi Berte. Nah, Mary and I tried to work that out, and we almost succeeded, but the driving/lodging times just didn't work. (Basically you get much better deals on cottages etc. in PEI if you stay for a whole week, which dictated much of the rest of our schedule.) But Mary was instrumental in the planning; she gave me a lot of info.
  • Have a wonderful time! How exciting that you are presenting at a conference that your daughter is actually interested in!

    What fic(s) are you reading?
    • "The Torch" and "Minding the Baby." It was dictated pretty much by length, as the longest reading time available was 50 minutes, and I clocked myself at about 160 words/min. (I wanted to read "Counting to Five Thousand," but there was no way it would fit.)

      So the total reading time will be about 35 minutes, and that gives me extra time to spare to throw in an encore if they want one. I'm taking with me the fragments I've written of "The Schoolmistress," which is supposed to be the eventual sequel to "The Torch." For example:

      “Professor Granger,” asked Mary. “Why is Mr. Filch always crying?”

      “He isn’t always crying, dear. It’s just that he’s often crying when he sees you children.” Professor Granger was smiling up at the brightly colored trees.

      “But why?”

      “Well, for one thing it’s been a long time since he’s seen any children, and he hadn’t realized how much he missed it. And for another, well – ” She screwed up her face for a moment as if trying to find the words. “You’re all so helpful, you three. You’re always offering to help him clean things and take care of the grounds. That makes you very different from the students he remembers. He likes you all very much. But I doubt that he would say it to your faces.”

      And so forth...
  • Have a fabulous time!

    I'll be very curious to hear your take on Phoenix Rising, and I have to say that I'm quite jealous of your trip to P.E.I. I've always wanted to go since I first read the books and I'm certain my little family will get there some day. Be sure and share any travel tips! It certainly sounds like the perfect time to go because of the celebrations, and I bet the weather will be fantastic. Have a great time.

    With all of this writing and posting and varying deadlines have you had time to write your Fortune Cookie challenge fic? I'm very interested to read what you've come up with!

    • Thanks, Meredith.

      Nah, I haven't written a lick of my challenge fic, and at this point I'm not sure that I will. But I haven't given up on it.
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