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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Quick Terminus Thingy

Quick Terminus Thingy

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Limerick Leprauchans
Two days at Terminus.  It's mobbed; never seen so many robes in my life.  As in the case of Phoenix Rising, 85% female, and  on the young side (younger than at Phoenix Rising, I've heard) -- say a median age in the late 20s?

Interesting, long presentation by praetorianguardand Melissa Annelli about the WB v. RDR case.  Clever, funny presentation on the genetics of magical inheritance.  Do you know there are three published papers, in serious scientific journals, on this subject?  Got shut out of a roundtable I wanted to attend.  Daughter spent most of the first day at the conference shopping at the vendors' stalls.  You never saw so many wands, robes, gorgeous witches' hats, etc.

The Limerick Leprechauns won our first Trivia round, but lost our second.  That other team was just too quick on the buzzer for us.  It's a double-elimination tournament, though, so we get another chance, tomorrow at 1:00.

joianoel's restaurant recommendation was good.  Roger was "upstairs painting," Joia, so he couldn't see us, but the Whitefish Vesuvius was marvelous, and the tiramisu was to die form.  (A Michigander returning to the Great Lakes after a multi-year absence has to have whitefish; it's obligatory.)

Got some bad news from home, which I won't share on an unlocked post.  Nothing tragic, just unsettling.  The sort of news that makes you realize that it could have been much, much worse news than it is.

The elevators in this hotel have tiny televisions playing nonstop news.  Who wants to watch the news in an elevator?  So I heard about John Edwards's confession and the invasion of Georgia.  Yuck.

Wizard Wrock is a much bigger phenomenon in the fandom than I realize.  It always surprises me.  So is slash shipping.  By the bye, there are several different papers being presented on the outing of Dumbledore. 

Long day tomorrow.  Daughter goes to fan fiction writing workshops and some roundtables on Luna & Neville.  I'll attend some law papers, present my paper at 11:00, meet an old friend at noon, attend Pottercast, and give my own fanfic reading at 11:00 p.m.

That is all.
  • Wow. I know I have read your posts from your other convention, but again I marvel at the variety of the HP fandom. Scientific papers, law papers, Wizard Wrock, Trivia contents and so forth. It must be fun seeing your daughter excited over all this. Is she how you got into HP in the first place?

    I'd forgotten about the RDR case, it will be interesting to see which way it goes. Every time I read a scholarly treatise on the topic I end up with a different opinion. I suspect any presentation with Melissa Annelli would be firmly in the 'Jo' camp?

    I hope things settle down on the home front. And good luck on the next Trivia round!
    • Actually it was the other way 'round. Her mother and I were hooked, and we wheedled her into reading the books (she resisted for quite a while). Today was an even better day for her, actually.

      Melissa was pretty much all journalist on this story. Blow-by-blow descriptions of the proceedings, including how it looked in the courtroom. Nifty.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

  • Oh wow, it sounds like you're having a grand time. My piece of fandom is pretty small, I find it quite interesting that slash is such a big thing, I've stumbled over fics where even completely hetero canon characters get turned into gay sex beast. O.o Not my kind of fanfic, to be sure, and I never realized it was a big thing.

    Never heard any wrock - are there any good wrockers? I've just read some reviews several years ago, where the essence was "it's fun because it's HP, but the music sucks" - does that still hold true?

    Sorry about the bad news from home, but happy they weren't devastating. You have my love and blessings, you know. *hugs*

    Thanks for reporting, good luck (or break a leg, whichever you prefer) with the next trivia round, enjoy your discussions and presentations and everything else - I look foward to the next report. :-)
    • Welllll, my impression from last year was that wizard wrock was mostly not very good music. But this year I've heard a few bands (The Mudbloods and The Moaning Myrtles) who have actually begun to impress me. But I don't have much musical taste, so I'm not a good

      Thanks for the hug. And right back at you.
  • It sounds like you're having an interesting time, though I'm sorry about the disturbing news from home.

    I would have been interested in Melissa's presentation on the WB/RDR case. I've found her to be dispassionate and balanced on the subject and I could never quite be bothered to read the entire transcript and documents, so an insider's guide would be something I'd like to hear/see!

    Those magical genetics papers in the science journals *are* tongue in cheek though aren't they? It's HP fans' (who happen to be on the hard science side) way of writing fanfic if you ask me!

    Oh God, Wrock. I can see the novelty appeal but it's seriously unlistenable if you have sort of interest/investment in actual music.

    Good luck with your presentation and reading - not that you'll need it! Thanks for the update.
    • Thanks, Jo. And thanks for the kind wishes.

      As I was telling Brad, Melissa treated the RDR thing pretty much strictly as straight journalism. Very clean, blow-by-blow descriptions. Fascinating.

      The magical genetic papers were tongue-in-cheek in the sense that anything about HP that isn't literary criticism or anthropological is tongue-in-cheek. But their point is that there are certain markers in a trait that geneticists look for (frequency in populations, results of interbreeding, frequency of "sports", etc.) that can actually be found in the HP novels, and that give you a clue as to what the genetics would be if the trait were genetic. (In "The Torch," I said that muggle-born witches were a mutation, but he said that that didn't fit the data (!))

  • Sounds frantastic. Hope the rest of your stay is good. This sounds bigger then the other fandom you went to.

    Wizard Wrock? Is that an individual band or a genre type of rock? I won't go near any kind of slash fiction.

    Whitefish? LOL...when I was a little girl, I used to sit by my dad on Shabbatt morning watching him eat smoked whitefish. I think that's a Russian thing. My co-worker (she's Russian) eats it all the time.

    I'm sorry about the bad news. Hope you and your daughter are doing OK, I'm sure you're looking forward to Prince Edward Island.

    Take care

    • Thanks, Rachel. We're fine.

      At last count there were over 500 wizard wrock bands, some of which tour the country raising money for charity. Listen -- when The Mudbloods got on stage at the live Pottercast tonight, and started playing their song "I Wish You'd Be My Witch", about 300 people got up and started singing along -- they knew the lyrics!

      Different whitefish, though. This isn't the stuff that's used to make the gefilte fish etc. This is Lake Superior Whitefish, a different critter altogether, and in a filet it's the best fish on Earth...
  • Chicago, Chicago, that Toddlin' Town

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Ignotz! Roger and his family live upstairs over that cute little restaurant, and they're in the middle of expanding the restaurant into the building next door, so I'm not surprised he was painting. Isn't the painting inside his restaurant gorgeous? That tiny dining room and the fantastic cooking really reminds one that this is an old, family-run restaurant. Roger's tiramisu is definitely to die for. His Veal Parm is also ...well, let's just say I actually paused while writing this to have a happy moment, staring off into space and dreaming about that dish. I'm disappointed you didn't get the treat of Roger's enthusiastic greetings, but thrilled you made the trip all the way over there for that food.

    The neighborhood itself has a very interesting history. The "Heart of Italy" neighborhood was settled by immigrants from Tuscany around the turn of the last century. In more recent years a Mexican neighborhood has surrounded it (not to be mistaken for the Puerto Rican neighborhood not far away!), so you wouldn't know that you're in an Italian neighborhood unless you walked up and down Oakley Ave and met the residents and visited the tiny shops and restaurants.

    Did I mention to you that my other big Italian fest is going on this weekend? It's over on Taylor Street ("Little Italy" - settled by the Sicilians). Go to www.taylorstreetfestaitaliana.com for details if you end up with more time. There's great food there, too, and all the entrees in the fest are priced under $6. I'll email you with a few other details, just in case.

    Those TVs in the Hyatt's elevators amuse me immensely. Of course, as a crazy conservative, you can imagine how much I always grumble that they won't turn it to my favorite news station. ;-p We run a huge even there each November, so I know my way around that hotel rather well.

    I feel terrible that I forgot you were staying in that hotel, as I have a few things I meant to mention to you. I'm emailing you now.
    • Re: Chicago, Chicago, that Toddlin' Town

      Thanks again, Joia. We're in the Hilton Chicago, not the Hyatt.

      I wish I could go to that festival, but between the conference commitments, the events my daughter wants to attend, and the old friends we're meeting in our few spare moments, I haven't even walked across the park to see Lake Michigan!
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