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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Drabbles to be Auctioned

Drabbles to be Auctioned

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Crescent & Star
I have just agreed to auction off three drabbles as part of the Support Stacie Author Auction.

Stacie (a.k.a. truelovepooh) is very ill and has run out of insurance money to cover her medical expenses. Her friends are trying to raise money to help her, and one idea they hit on was this author auction.

From September 8 - 14, various fan fic authors from different fandoms will agree to write stories to order for high bidders. Stories of different lengths (different categories from 100 words to 20,000 words) will have different minimum bids. Authors can sign up to offer stories for the auction until September 5th. More info can be found at gioiamia's LJ page, and at the Support Stacie Web Site itself.

I encourage my author-friends to sign up to auction their services for this good cause. I encourage my reader-friends to bid.

Myself, I'm going to auction off three 100-word drabbles:

  • One Harry Potter drabble;
  • One Lord Peter Wimsey drabble; and
  • One Star Trek drabble.

Currently the web sites still say that the minimum length is 2,500 words, but they changed their policy and I expect the sites will be updated soon.

So go sign up, everyone! This will be fun.
  • I just saw this on minisinoo's LJ, and I signed up for a 100 - 2499 word story.
  • Thank you, Ken!!
  • I just offered to allow them to auction a couple of my drawings. I don't know if they're interested, but I'd like to try.
    • Let me know how you make out with it. From the interchanges I've had with them, they're auctioning off the author's services before the story is written, to avoid the nastier copyright issues for fan work.
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