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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Fan Fiction Auction Begins! Rhetor Drabbles Available!

Fan Fiction Auction Begins! Rhetor Drabbles Available!

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm auctioning off some made-to-order drabbles in support of a good cause, helping to raise money to pay for truelovepooh's medical expenses.

The auction has begun! I'm astonished at how many authors and fandoms are represented in it; it's a testament to the esteem in which Stacie is held. Among my own friends, mickawber, nundu_art  nundu_art</lj>and moonette1have all agreed to donate stories or art. I'll be bidding on some of them myself (under an assumed name, though ;) ).

By way of reminder, I myself am offering drabbles (bidding starts at only $3.00!) in the Harry Potter, Star Trek and Lord Peter Wimsey fandoms.

So bid now, bid often! The bidding continues until September 12th. You can find the bidding board here. The basic information is here (check out the FAQs).
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