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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Bel's Drabble: "Justification Defense"

Bel's Drabble: "Justification Defense"

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Louis Laughing

tdu000  won a free HP drabble from me, and unwisely told me I could pick my own topic. Here is the result. Let it be a warning to you.

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Title: Justification Defense
Length: 100 words
Genre: AU.
Warnings: I don't think I'll let any of you know where I am after this…


Justification Defense

Umbridge rose as Fudge entered her office.

"I've decided to change my name," he announced.

"Indeed, Minister?"

"Yes, I'll contact the Hall of Records tomorrow. I'm going to call myself Three Eleven Twenty-Nine."

"Three Eleven Twenty-Nine?" she said weakly.

"Yes. But you, Delores dear, must call me Three."

"Of course." She paused. "I wonder, Minister, why you made that choice."

"It's quite simple, really," he said, smiling. "Being Minister isn't enough. I want to become Prime Minister."

Although Umbridge was eventually convicted and sentenced, the Wizengamot had never before considered whether an Unforgivable Curse was justified by criminally bad humor.

To give credit where credit is due, my daughter gave me the idea for this one.  But she can't be blamed for my choice actually to write it.
  • ***GROAN*** Oh that's bad... that's very, very BAD!! LOLOLOL!! But at least it was Umbridge who you first tortured with it!! LOL!!!
  • Oh dear.
  • Yes, it's probably best that you're in hiding. But you did a good job of leading up to the awful punchline -- you had me going till the very end.
  • I love it! :D
  • I don't understand the numbers :-(
    • Maybe it doesn't translate? Numbers that cannot be evenly divided by other numbers are called "prime" numbers. Fudge wanted to give himself three of these as names, so that he could be the "prime" minister.

      It's a lame joke, I know. I could hear Fred Weasley in the back of my mind, saying, "Oh, you poor sod, is that the best you can do?"
  • If I ever win a drabble for you again I will stipulate "NO BAD JOKES!"

    I'll let you off just this once.

    Thank you for the biggest groan I've had all week.
  • That was the most beautiful thing I've read all week. Of course, I love terrible jokes and puns and shaggy dog stories, so I may be biased.
    • Hi, Val! Good to hear from you. Even if you do have a warped sense of beauty. :)
    • Did you vote in my Reading Aloud poll? I know you know all the stories well (some of them much too well, poor thing). I trust your judgment.
  • *groans* That obviously released some prime-evil instincts in Dolores. A perfect "blødme" if there ever was one. (Bløt means soft, wet, and this one was dripping!)
    • Always happy to oblige. What sort of animal is that on your icon?
      • That animal is one of Franquin's beasts. One of my favourite comic book creators. He both writes and illustrates. His "dark sides" is spectacular - though I'm not sure if that's what the book is called in English. Maybe you know these two better?
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