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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Antosha's Drabble: "Vanes"

Antosha's Drabble: "Vanes"

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Mother Ginevra
mickawber  won the Lord Peter Wimsey drabble from me in the Support Stacie auction. He made a very specific request, which you'll figure out once you read it. 

Title:              Vanes
Length:         100 words.
Genre:           Crossover.
Warnings:    None, really.



A 90th birthday party, thought Harriet, is the sort of experience designed to make you wish you'd died earlier. It had nothing to do with her; the Duke, at 75, was inviting the assembly to go skydiving. She imagined what Peter would say, and that made it worse.

One girl, great-granddaughter of her cousin Virgil, skirted the party as if from the other side of a wire fence. Harriet thought she recognized the look.

"Tell me, Romilda," Harriet asked in a near-whisper. "Are you a writer?"

"No, a witch," said the girl with a straight face.

"Is there a difference?"

  • Brilliant! I never connected the two.
  • I commented on this!!! I swear! LJ ate it!

    It's wonderful—you manage to encapsulate the two characters and their worlds in a way that enriches both. I love Harriet's perception, and her misperception. (Or is it truly a misperception? There's a reason the word for poet and magician in Middle English are both Maker, after all!)

    Very elegantly done. Thank you.
    • Not a misperception, and you're right about "maker." This is LeGuin's whole point about mages being masters of True Speech. To be able to speak the truth of something conveys as much power as any wizard could want. What Harriet sees is that Romilda is an outsider, viewing the world of her relatives and noting it independently, as Harriet does herself. She feels a kinship -- and of course she's right, they are both outsiders.

      I'm glad you liked it.
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