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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Hhbarmaid's Other Drabble: "Glimpses."

Hhbarmaid's Other Drabble: "Glimpses."

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Crescent & Star
hhbarmaid  actually won two drabbles from me in the Support Stacie auction. This is the Harry Potter drabble.

The Barmaid's request was for a drabble concerning Narcissa and her grandson. Here it is.

Title: Glimpses.
Length: 100 words.
Genre: Angst? Humor? I dunno.
Warnings: Nah.



Why does Narcissa torture herself with this mirror? She touches the left edge of the frame. There's eager Narcissa in her wedding dress, flushed cheeks and a glow that has nothing to do with sorcery. She touches the right edge, seeing Narcissa the crone in pale green, chalky skin, bitter eyes and mouth resentfully locked. Again she wonders what gave her that scowl.

Little Scorpius tumbles through her doorway, squeaking something about hippogriffs. Forgetting to change the mirror, Narcissa glances past her withered self.

He's tall, magnificent, achieving a grace that Draco never managed.

Wearing a red and gold scarf.

  • Interesting mirror - past and future glimpses!?

    I don't much care about HP:TNG, so didn't expect to greatly care about this drabble (sorry!) but the last line totally surprised me. A nice twist. Although I'm surprised that you're falling in with the Rowling "good people are Gryffindors, there are no good Slytherins" line, that's rather real world politically incorrect - although canon congruent - of you!
    • Nah, it's not "Good people are Gryffindors;" it's just that "Blacks and Malfoys aren't Gryffindors." Scorpius's becoming a Gryffindor was something calculated to infuriate and haunt Narcissa, who has a lot of reason for self-doubt anyway, given her sisters (separately and together) her son and her own actions.

      I was also doing a riff on Albus Severus's concern that he might be a Slytherin. What, I wondered, if it were the other way 'round? Or what if it's both? Albus in Slytherin, Scorpius in Gryffindor? Can you imagine what Ron would say?
  • I somehow missed this!

    It is lovely. I wonder about this mirror. Like all glimpses of the future you have to wonder if this is what will be or what may be.

    What is particularly striking is that Scorpius seems happy -- which makes me smile.
    • Thanks. Indeed, "Are these the shadows of what will be, or the shadows of what may be, only? Men's courses foreshadow certain ends, but if the courses be departed from, surely the ends must change?"
  • I love this! I love the idea of Narcissa living to fit her name, but without her namesake's pleasure in remaining forever beautiful. The evocation of the Triune Goddess was lovely too.

    And of course, I like the idea of Scorpius and Albus wrong-footing everyone. Definitely. ;-)
    • You give me more credit than I deserve, although I won't say in which particular dimensions. ;)

      I like the wrong-footing too.
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