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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Happy Birthday, Sherry & Meredith!

Happy Birthday, Sherry & Meredith!

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Today is the birthday of the generous, brilliant and funny sherylyn Site Monarch Extraordinaire and Beta to the Stars;  it is also the birthday of Meredith, charming firstborn of my excellent cousin kahanlaw 

A very happy birthday to both!

I know I haven't posted anything on this LJ for nearly a month; I kinda got burnt out by the election.  I've been trying to write this month, and have been making some small headway.  I have a partial draft of a lengthy discussion of my feelings about the election, but it seems rather beside the point (nearly everything in it has been said by somebody else).  But I'm still here!
  • I missed you here.... Please post some more.

    I also want to wish happy birthday to sherylyn!
  • Today is the birthday of the generous, brilliant and funny sherylyn Site Monarch Extraordinaire and Beta to the Stars...
    Ok, so what do you call it when you're caught between blushing and snorting?? LOL!!

    THANKS for the sweet words and the birthday wishes! And I agree with girlspell -- I've missed you and hope you're able to post more again soon!

    And girlspell -- THANKS for the wishes, too!!
    • Um, "blorking?" "Snushing?"

      My pleasure, and it comes from the heart. Especially the funny part.
      • LOL I like those suggestions! The first one reminds me of the word "spork", though, so not sure I'd vote for that one ;-)

        And glad you think I'm funny (I think ;-))... I'm not sure it's always intentional, either! LOL!! And geez, I qualified as a "tag" as well... quite an honor, I guess :-)
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