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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Drabble Offer!

Drabble Offer!

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Superman shirt
To freshen myself up a bit, I'm going to do another drabble challenge.

I offer to write a new, 100-word drabble to the specific prompt of each of the first  ten (10) people who ask for them.

I will write any of the following:
  • Original fiction (but you still have to provide the prompt).
  • Fan Fic in any of the following:

    • Harry Potter
    • Any of the Star Trek series (except Enterprise)
    • Lord Peter Wimsey
    • Doctor Who (but I'm more comfortable with the first six Doctors)
    • Tolkien
    • Earthsea
    • Heinlein's Howard Families, especially Lazarus's Tertius family

Points of interest:

  • I plan to cross-list this offer on Metafic.
  • Don't expect NC-17 or slash.
  • I'm not good at non-canon pairings (unless madderbradasks for one ;) ).
  • If I write an original drabble then I'll probably F-lock it, because I might later try to sell it.
  • Prompts can be whatever you like, but I find that I do better with short, comparatively simple ones.

Ask away!
  • I crave your orginal fiction. How about a sci fi story centering around a simple misunderstanding?
  • Original flangsty drabble with lingerie? LOL, I just had to suggest that, but I'd prefer something else. Original. And prompt is ... *drum roll* snow! Keeps my mind off Gaza, at least. I really shouldn't read the news.
    • There we go -- snow. Something of which you clearly need reminding. In Oslo. In January. *rolls eyes* Your wish is my command.

      That's two.
      • Well, it wasn't because I needed reminding, it was because it was the only thing I could think of that wasn't the slaughter of Gaza. But if you want to write a drabble about peace in the Middle East, go ahead! ;-)
  • Scarves for Dr Who.
  • This seems like a good way for me to get back into the LJ swing!

    Since everyone else has said original I will say Earthsea

    Something about solitude? or anything you want to do.
    • Hi! Welcome back.

      Earthsea, solitude, got it.

      That's four.
    • Slight adjustment. I've just discovered that Le Guin, while she doesn't object to people writing fan fiction to show their friends, does object to people showing it to the whole world. I don't agree with her position legally, but I don't want to disregard the wishes of someone I admire.

      So I'm still going to write it, but I'm going to friends-lock it so that it's only visible to, well, my friends.
  • I'm not good at non-canon pairings (unless [info]madderbradasks for one ;) ).

    I think you're very good at non-canon pairings!

    For some reason a Harry/Luna idea has been percolating in my brain. Not necessarily *love*, just a moment between them, like the original 'notice board' scene.

    How about ... they're at Bill's cottage after having escaped from the manor; Ron and Hermione are in the cottage, still recovering; Harry is moping (at Dobby's grave?); and Luna wanders up?

    I've always been fascinated by the prophecy, and love ficlets which show the characters' reactions to it when Harry tells them. Maybe in this H/L drabble Luna - lieutenant of the DA - asks Harry about it, or Harry volunteers it ... and then she has some sort of reassurance for him, she's confident that he'll win through?

    Sorry, too much detail. Replace the above with "a Harry/Luna moment at Bill's cottage", please?
    • Hi, Brad.

      Yes, the first one was definitely too much detail -- actually I think it was over 100 words all by itself! :)

      So I'll go with the later version -- who knows, maybe other elements will sneak in?

      That's drabble number five.
  • I would like an HP drabble with characters of your choosing to the prompt: Pure Fluff.
  • Harry Potter, any characters. And the prompt is actions versus words.
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