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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Ten Things Meme

Ten Things Meme

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I’ve been “tagged” by the warm, funny, delightful stmargarets, who nonetheless claims still to be my friend.
When I see things resembling “chain letters” I usually blow the dust off my law license, but this one looks clean: No requests for money or promises of same, threats of bad luck or promises of good luck, etc. In other words, it’s just a game. Play if it pleases you.
Post to your journal 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. Those who get tagged need to blog your own journal with those 10 weird things/habits/little known facts. Then chose 6 people to be tagged and list their lj names. No tagbacks...
I tag: the meme-loving antosha_c; my partner-in-crime bandcandy; the enthusiastic girlspell; the eminently useful moonette1; the fiercely supportive madderbrad; the vertically challenged ndanukiwi; and anyone who’s got nothing better to do today.  I picked this lucky group since I haven't seen this meme on his/her lj yet.
I just realized that “little-known” is contextual. The oddest and most interesting “little-known” thing about me (to most people who know me) is very well known to all of you who are reading this, namely that I write fan fiction. So what is really meant by “little-known” is little-known to those on LJ, right?
Ten Little Known (to you) Facts About Me
1.      Despite being a 46-year-old college professor, last summer I took General Chemistry I at the University of Rhode Island and had the time of my life.
2.      The girl I fell in love with when I was seventeen really was my best friend’s little sister.
3.      Although I have no medical training whatever, I appear to have inherited my father’s talent for intuitive diagnosis. I recommended to two acquaintances, who had no prior inkling of such problems, that they get checked for (a) a thyroid problem and (b) obstructive sleep apnea, respectively. Both were confirmed.
4.      I’ve also, unfortunately, inherited my father’s psoriasis.
5.      I bit into an electrical plug when I was four and suffered third-degree burns to the left side of my mouth. I eventually had two different sets of plastic surgery (at age five) to repair the damage. The scar is still visible, which is one reason I wear a beard and mustache.
6.      At Awards Day ceremonies over the last ten years at work, I have appeared in front of my colleagues costumed as Moses, a Viking, Vito Corleone, the Banana Boat guy, James Bond, a 50’s rock singer, a prison inmate, Jeff Probst, and probably some that I’ve blocked out…
7.      A statistically unlikely proportion of my friends and schoolmates have become reasonably well-known actors and directors, and I’m not going to tell you any of their names.
8.      I have been to Rovaniemi. Also Ostia Antica. Also Denali National Park.
9.      My boyhood best friend took his own life (probably by accident, but it’s hard to be sure) when I was twenty.
10. My voice is so high that I am most often mistaken to be a woman on the phone. This has proved useful on several occasions, although I also find it irritating.
  • Re #7

    See?? You could have been a movie star if you stuck with acting.

    Oh...right...you wanted to be an actor instead. Well that's different. Anyway you were probably pretty good. :)
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