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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.



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Teapot & Hands

Does anyone have a favorite recipe for Chicken Paprikash? I have a friend who loves it, and I want to make it for her birthday.

(I have a bunch of cookbooks in which I can look, but if you already know you've got a winner...)
  • Oh, yay! You're a peach! Thank you.

    Is Paprikash usually made with diced meat? Somehow I had this mental image of whole chicken pieces. But, you know, I'm not sure I've ever actually eaten Paprikash!

    Do you use Hungarian Paprikash or the other kind? And does it make a difference?
  • There are lots and lots of different versions - some with diced; mine is with chicken parts although the recipe's at home. It's otherwise pretty similar. I've seen a number of regular supermarkets selling the nice brand of Paprika from Hungray - it says Szeged on it (that is the town where they grow the peppers). There is sweet paprika and hot paprika - I prefer the sweet and it's definitely what you'd get in a resaturant. Oh, and paprika should be stored in the refrigerator.

    Yum! and yes, Budapest is my favorite foreign place.
  • I use the other kind (Sauers, when I can get it). I can't tell you if it makes a difference, as I've never used Hungarian paprika.

    The same for the diced meat. I regard it as an excellent use for leftovers! (it's my family's favorite day-after-Thanksgiving meal). I don't know why you couldn't use whole pieces of meat though.
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