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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Very brief INS rant

Very brief INS rant

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The Immigration & Naturalization Service (or whatever its current, DHS incarnation is called) either has the world's worst press agent, or else truly is made up of pig-headed, paranoid, vindictive nincompoops.  I've been hearing stories about them, from the press, from activists and from other lawyers, for over 20 years.

But here's their latest:  http://blog.wired.com/sterling/2009/04/bruce-sterling.html

Bruce Sterling is, like, famous.  (He wrote two or three of those stories on the "favorites" list I posted a while back.)  Thousands of people all over the world follow his doings and knew perfectly well that he was married, and has been for four years.   Under such circumstances one can call the INS action only one thing:  Stupid.

I wish I could help Mr. Sterling and Ms. Tesanovic in the way they ask, but I've not met them.  But really...

  • That is both pathetic and funny. When you want the government, they're never aruond. When you don't want them.....

    I don't know either one of them, although (I think) I've read one or two of his stories. To be fair 911 has created a paranoia this government that is both fiction and non fiction. All government agencies has is fair share of nincompoots anyway. It'll work itself out. This situation is lot easier then the one I heard of recently. A girl in South Carolina, jealous over anther's attention to her boyfriend, went out a slugged her. The other girl pressed charges. DHS got in to it. The slugger turned to be born in Germany. She was adopted at 6 weeks old. Her parents never got around to giving her citizenship. She is currently in status of undesirable and illegal alien and will be deported to Germany. A place she knows nothing about.
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