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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Ros's Drabble: "The Last Piece of the Puzzle"

Ros's Drabble: "The Last Piece of the Puzzle"

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R-Hr Kiss

Yes, I'm still working on the drabble requests from January. Whenever a longer story idea pops into my head I get distracted, but I do come back to these, and I'll eventually finish them.

rosathome   asked for "an HP drabble with characters of your choosing to the prompt: Pure Fluff." This was a challenge, as Ros knows, for fluff doesn't come naturally to me. It crossed my mind to do something difficult to make fluffy, like a Draco/Pansy scene, but I decided not to get too ambitious too soon. Baby steps.

Title:                The Last Piece of the Puzzle
Length:           100 words
Pairing:           R/Hr
Genre:             Fluff
Rating:            PG
Warnings:      None


The stones of the wall must have been just as cold against the left side of her face as they were against the right side of his. Her hand was warm, though.

"I still don't understand," he said. "I talked about protecting the House Elves, and you jumped me."

She dropped his hand. "Oh, nicely put. Very romantic. You certainly know how to get another kiss."

"After the woods and the fights and everything else, it was elves?"

"It was compassion."


"The last piece of the puzzle."

"What puzzle?"

She rolled her eyes, shook her head and kissed him.


So yeah, it's a bit obvious. I'm fine with that.
  • "After the woods and the fights and everything else, it was elves?" I loved the way you had Ron say that :)

    Good drabble and it's quite vivid. There's a trick to completing a story with a limit of words, and you have it down pat.

    I'm interested in your location. Near the Sea... Are you in California yet?
    • Nope. Our house is one mile from Narragansett Bay. I can walk to the beach on a nice day.

      Glad you liked the drabble. If I were Ron, that's about how I would feel.
  • "I still don't understand."

    Many fans are with you on that, Ron. :-)

    Okay, I had to say that - anti-canon fan here, in case you've forgotten :-) - but seriously, this seems to be a perfect sequel or accompaniment to a theory that I think St. Margarets put up a fair while ago. She compared R/Hr to a "knight's journey" - something like that - equating Ron with a medieval knight who must accomplish various tasks to win his lady's hand. Do you remember that post of hers?

    Anyway, your explicit mention of the 'puzzle' seems to map straight into that.

    Myself, since I dislike R/Hr, I think the whole "knight's journey" - or the 'puzzle' in your drabble here - doesn't make much sense. Just WHY did Hermione apparently fixate on Ron as her chosen one, way back in fourth/third/second year - depending on what 'anvil sized' hints you notice - and then placidly wait until Won Won had gone through all the hoops, accomplished the Knight's tasks, fit all the pieces of the puzzle? Given that such a model proves that he failed to meet her standards for all of that time? It's never made much sense to me.

    I've often included in my own anti-R/Hr rants how Hermione had apparently made a 'list' - my analogue to your 'puzzle' and St. Margaret's Quest - of Everything Ron Needs To Do To Be An Acceptable Boyfriend (the making of a list being formulaic Granger). With the aid of "Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches" she probably ticked off quite a few entries in that list in the seventh book ... and then finally we have the house-elf thing:

    Great, I can tick off "compassion for the elves", so that leaves ... ohmygosh ... that's the last item on my list ... I CAN KISS HIM NOW!"

    Which left me overall unimpressed with R/Hr, but there are other reasons why I dislike that pairing and so have a negative slant on the list/puzzle/Quest thing.

    Anyway, I thought it was most interesting how you focused on my 'list', and St. Margaret's Quest - I *do* hope I've remembered the details of that post of hers correctly! - in this drabble!
    • Hi, Brad. Need I say that I expected such a reception from you? ;)

      I don't think she had a list, exactly. I think that Hermione 's heart is complicated and demanding, because it has to negotiate so often with her head and her insecurities. I think that she was attracted to Ron on an elemental (sexual?) level very early on, admired his loyalty, his courage and his affectionate nature, understood instinctively that he had things she lacked (humor, earthiness, love of pleasure for its own sake), but still held back. She held back because she needed to know that he was really a kindred spirit -- that they cared about the same things. To the extent that he displayed callousness about people she saw as so obviously downtrodden and in need of help, she couldn't ultimately imagine herself with him. I think she was waiting for him to grow up.
      • Hey, I don't (automatically) snipe at all the pro-canon stuff I read on my friends list posts, you know! :-) But your drabble plugged straight into my 'list' model and St. Margaret's theory, so I thought I'd mention it.

        I guess all of that early Ron attraction was hidden with the rest of the background noise, masked by all of those bitter fights love spats she had with Ron. :-)

        I think she was waiting for him to grow up.

        I think we all were, Ken. :-)

        The thing is - even in the last book, where it was obvious that Rowling was trying to mature Ron in a hurry (the "Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches" manual was a neat crutch) - he still ends up as lacking in your "kindred spirit" stakes. Hermione was aghast at his unethical solution to the Sword/goblin problem, for example. And even in the epilogue he's practising deceit against his purported wife.

        Ah well, you've heard it all before ... you just place lesser priority on that negative evidence than I. Which I think is the secret to OBHWF. :-)
  • I had wholly forgotten about this request, so this was a lovely surprise. Very sweet indeed. I can completely see Ron's bewilderment and Hermione just cutting to the chase. Thank you!
  • "What puzzle?"

    This is perfect! So Ron - who is working from a completely different place than Hermione. What's fun about R/Hr is that when they do manage to be on the same page, the unexpected serendipity of it adds a little extra zing to their fluffy moment. Your drabble has that extra zing! Wonderful.
    • Thanks, Mary. I sometimes think that that oscillation between similarity and difference -- suprise and delight that we're different, followed by surprise and delight that we're the same, followed by surprise and delight that we're different -- is at the core of all erotic attraction. It's one of those delicious paradoxes that the human mind can contemplate forever and never tire of it.
  • I absolutely adore Ron and was always fond of this ship. Thanks for writing a sweet and true to character drabble. This made me think of one my favourite moments in the whole series: It's from OotP, when Hermione is trying to explain to Harry, what Cho might be feeling, Ron remarks that one person cannot feel that much and gets accused of having the emotional range of a teaspoon? He's grown up and become more emotionally intelligent but is still so...Ron

    P.S Your scarf drabble made me start watching Dr.Who, now I'm hooked
    • Thanks, Rosalina! I'm glad you liked it. Poor Ron -- his cluelessness is what JKR thinks teenage boys are generally like, which isn't the way I remember it...

      Hooked on the Doctor, eh? Join the club...
  • and I agree with you, it's a case of Ron growing up, but also of Hermione...maybe loosening up or becoming more mature and realy learning to appreciate him for he is not for what she wants him to be (Oh and a possibility to loose him to Lavender helped:)
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