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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Not your average political bumper sticker

Not your average political bumper sticker

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I saw this bumper sticker this afternoon and my daughter and I both burst out laughing.


I'm guessing the owner must be a Democrat.  I'm a Democrat too, and I'm told that we have to have more of a sense of humor when it comes to people making fun of us.   I'm not sure I'd have too much a sense of humor if it said "Democrats for Voldemort."

I know what My Sister the Refugee will think of this.  How about the other Nouveau-Canuck, or the Aussie on the list?

  • That was cute. Don't forget Dick Cheney. He and Voldy go way back.
  • I've seen that one before here in Texas and it always cracks me up. I don't doubt at all that Dick Cheney and Voldemort would get along famously for about a week until they killed each other trying to prove they were the most evillest guy ever.

    My mother and I started referring to my dad as as ""You Know Who" so that my daughter and niece wouldn't know who we were talking about, and I intoned in my best Emma-Watson-As-Hermione voice "Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. " So we've been calling him Voldemort for about a year now.
  • So after I read your story at PS I recommended it on my LJ and St Margarets sent me over here to read the rest of your stuff. I've friended you if that's okay?

    Oh and the bumper sticker is hilarious!
  • Heh. Wow, the USA has really *changed* since I was last there!
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