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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.



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Tarot Magician

Some of you may be aware that there is a new phenomenon called the "twitterfic," a complete story that fits into 140 characters (call it 20-25 words), the length of a "tweet" on Twitter. Users of Twitter can follow various "twitterzines," such as Thaumatrope, Tweet the Meat and Nanoism, and see the fics as they come out. All of them also have Web sites on which you can read their fics. Some post fics once a week, some once a day, etc.

Anyway, I'm getting two such nanofics published. One (which I call "Without Sentimentality", although officially it has no title) will appear on Nanoism this coming Friday, May 29th.

The other (which I call "Same-Day Service") will appear on Thaumatrope on December 5, 2009.

I'm actually being paid for both. The amounts are miniscule, of course, but technically they translate as "professional rates" when you do the dollars-per-word calculation.
  • Can you out do Hemmingway for brevity?
  • Who are you on twitter?
  • One thing I think is fantastic and completely admirable about is you is how you continue to find writing opportunities all around you! This is wonderful (and very cool), Ken!
    • Thanks, J. I'm hoping that someday I'll luck out and be on the "ground floor" of some publishing phenomenon that becomes the Next Big Thing...
  • Finally! I have been clicking on the link all day. Congratulations.
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