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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

August in Montreal?

August in Montreal?

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Four Elements
So, to keep my mind off Clarion (and because it's one of the things I promised The Ritual Artist I'd do) I'm trying to lay out our vacation in Montreal, second week in August.

Does anyone have any advice about Montreal? We're driving up with two kids (girl 15, boy 9); should be able to get there in a day. Planning to stay about a week. Anything at all about attractions, must-sees, pitfalls, accommodations, etc. would be welcome.
  • Wish I could help you, but I don't anything about Montreal! So good luck. Oh, and happy Fathers Day to you...
    • Thanks, Rachel.

        I'm glad she answered. Sorry about that. Did you know you never friended me on this site? I always have to remember to check this site. I thought you never got back to her.

        • Re: EDITED OOPS

          Did so friend you on this LJ. Didn't friend you on the other one; but that shouldn't affect your ability to view it or check it.

          On the other LJ, I didn't friend anyone whose journals I was already tracking here. That LJ exists for a different reason, and has no locked posts. I tend to friend people over there who are SFF writers or editors, so that I can keep up with their work. Sorry about any confusion.
          • Re: EDITED OOPS

            Ah, that explains it. I meant for her to answer you on this one, but I goofed and had her answer on the other. Oh well...Sorry about that.

            Anyway, glad she was able to help you. Sometimes I answer my emails the wrong way down.

            She like to write too.
  • The hostel is nice! (no seriously, I've stayed there). I was in an ensuite bathroom / 4 bed room :) Most have opportunities for free stuff. I enjoyed the biosphere and the Olympic park (Olympic Park because I am a dork, not sure if everyone would enjoy). The little islands in the river are very pretty, and the Old Town is lovely to walk in. There's a famous Catholic Church that has a lot of perfect blue on the interior, I drank it in with my eyes. It is a great walking city. There is something called smoked meat there that is delicious, like pastrami (I think it is beef but you may want to check). Once I walked a very long one to a famous bagel-maker; they are old-fashioned (small!) bagels and delicious. I have been there once for business, once for an AIDS ride, and once for pleasure. The only thing I didn't like is that one of the main drags (Ste. Catherine, maybe) is set up for bachelor parties it seems - I guess the strip clubs and lower drinking age are irresistable. But I think it was really confined to that one street, so you can avoid the testosterone surge!
    Have fun!
    • Thanks, Karin!

      Biosphere seems to be a near-universal Winner among my friends. I'll look for the bagels & meat, and definitely steer the kiddos away from the Bachelor Strip.
  • (Anonymous)

    and La Ronde amusement park.
  • Montreal

    Hmmm. I'm going to Montreal the third week in August.
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