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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Clarion Bound

Clarion Bound

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I'm packing right now.

At 4:15 EDT tomorrow morining, I take the cab to the airport for Clarion.

I'll try to post periodically (maybe once a week or so) concerning the Clarion experience.  Feel free to comment, but I doubt that I'll be able to post replies to comments.  Similarly, I probably won't be responding to anyone else's posts.  But I'll be watching y'all, if only briefly.

'Bye!  See you all in August, if not sooner!

  • Bon voyage! Don't let those weird Left Coast folks get too Californian on you. ;-)
  • Here's to a safe trip and a wonderful, creativity-expanding experience!
  • Have a safe journey, and may the experience be just as thrilling, awesome, inspiring and creativity-boosting as you're hoping for - and more. I look forward to ecstatic reports. *hugs* (and just a gentle reminder: You are wonderful, and a joy to spend time with, and I'm totally confident your Clarion mates will agree. And if they don't, for some weird reason - it's their loss!)
  • I hope you find everything you're looking for! Be well and enjoy this opportunity.
  • So excited for you, Ken! Have a great time, and I'm sure you will learn a ton being there with so many other excellent writers.
  • So exciting! Have fun, Loo! Hope it's wonderful!
  • Have a wonderful time!!
  • Clarion

    Wishing you lots of creative ideas and sturdy typing fingers.
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