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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

John Rogers on Fan Fiction

John Rogers on Fan Fiction

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Take a look at what John Rogers, of Leverage, says about fanfic:

(Scroll down to the question posed by "619")

If only everybody in the various media industries had this attitude...
  • Interesting perspective on fan fiction. I always though publisher/producers, etc. secretly love the idea of fan fic. It makes a bigger fan base with more money to make. I think even the writers like the idea. I never heard of fan fiction until I got on lj...and I worked in a library. Suddenly I'm exposed to squeee and fan girls. (and boys, though they won't admit it) Even now I don't read the stuff except HP from good writers. And even then, I want them to write original fiction. The rest I can't tolerate. There are crappy writers that make millions (look at the author of Twilight) The fan fiction that spins off of it helps feed interest in the (crappy) books, and even more horrible movies versions. So he's only partially correct about that point that fan fiction is crap. The crap flies both ways. Except that some get paid.
  • Quite interesting - and it's great to see the view come from the top. Love your icon, btw. (And the one you recently used on your other journal). Yes, if only...
  • Okay, that's two hours I didn't have that I've spent reading every blog entry of Mark Waid's that I found nestled in that Kung Foo Monkey site ...

    (thank you.)
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