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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

Nebula Nomination

Nebula Nomination

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Louis Laughing
Um, wow?


This is a Big Deal. *gulp*
  • Yeah, WOW!! Totally, completely, wonderfully WOW!!

    Congrats x a million!!!
  • Congratulations! (and I'm not surprised - you're very talented)
  • It IS a big deal - and it got me on Twitter for the first time in months :) Hooray for you!!!
  • Wow, heading for the Big Time! Congratulations!

    I'll be crossing my fingers for you on the 16th May ... will you be attending? Do you find out earlier?
    • Hi Brad! Sorry for the delay.

      Yep, I'll be attending the banquet on May 17. Nope, they don't tell us in advance. So I'll be sitting there in a tuxedo, sweating and trying not to get drunk. :)
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