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Rhetoretician -- Fiction etc.

I Won!

I Won!

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The Torch just won First Prize for Fan Fiction in the Pheonix Rising Challenge.  I'm speechless.  I owe stmargarets a bottle of champagne or something for making me write it and enter the Challenge in the first place.

I guess I'm going to New Orleans.  I'll, er, unlock the story now...
  • Congratulations!

    You're brilliant, Ken. I may have mentioned this before but I really do think you're a great writer. I loved The Torch (even in its competition incarnation) and you really deserved this win. I hope you enjoy the prize as much as the sheer pleasure of having your work recognised.

    And now, I hope, you definitely won't stop writing!
    • Thanks, Ros. Yes, I think you have flattered me once or twice in the past, and I'm as grateful now as I was then. I'll try not to stop writing.
  • Congratulations!

    (And a good/nostalgic music choice)
    • Thanks, Brad. It was going to be Alice Cooper's "School's Out," but I saw I'd already used that recently...
  • Oh, wow - that is SO WONDERFUL! I wish we could all lift a glass with you. And it really is a heck of a story.
    • Thanks, Annette. I imagine all of you drinking with me. And much as I liked the story, I was honestly flabbergasted.
  • Oh, yeah, like girlyswot said - you *have* to keep writing now! I think it's a rule, otherwise you have to hand back your trophy. :-)
  • Major, huge, enormous CONGRATS!! I'm thrilled for you, and yes, you're definitely "required" to keep writing now ;-) I'm sure it's in the fine-print somewhere ;-)

    *does happy Snoopy dance for you* (well, not really, but you get the idea ;-))
    • Thanks, Sherry. Now if they'd just get rid of all those errors they inserted to the SQ version, I'll be fine! (I was sorta hoping it was a real Snoopy dance...)
  • Congratulations! That sounds like quite a major award.
    • Thanks so much! I don't know how major the award is, really (don't even know how many entries there were), but I honestly wasn't expecting to win or even to come close! So I'm really thrilled.
  • *starts pouring and raises glass to Ken* Congrats!

    And I didn't *make* you write it. LOL I suggested. *nods*
    • Aw, take credit, willya? The point is that I never would have written it without you. You are a coach, an inspiration, a sympathetic ear and sometimes even a goad, and I adore you. So there.
  • Congratulations! That ought to inspire you to write more.
  • Many congratulations! It was an excellent story and deserved every bit of praise I've seen heaped upon it. Are you really going to Phoenix Rising? I'll be there, because it's only a six-hour drive from Houston - it would be great to meet you in person!
    • Thanks, Valerie. I bask in your praise.

      I don't know whether I'll go to the conference. The prize seems to include only a free ticket to one of the keynote addresses (which are billed separately from the conference itself), and I'd have to cover air fare, hotel and main conference registration if I went. That's a lot of cash, especially right after you've bought a bunch of assemble-yourself new furniture to go with your renovated house. Still, I really want to glory in this -- and if I get to meet you then I think I have to go. So I'll see what I can do.
  • Loo, that's fantastic!!! Woo hoo!!! I bet you'll have a blast at the conference. Will you get to do a reading?
    • A note: There's an editing typo at the end of the story that seems to have been posted along with the entry: http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=3119&chapno=1

      They've also posted your entry as-is, including your e-mail address and question about registration. You might want to ask them to take those out...
    • Thanks, Coo. I hope I'll have the aforementioned blast. I don't know about a reading, though -- the conference seems to have been pretty well scheduled down to the minute even before this Challenge was announced. I have a funny feeling that sponsorship of the Challenge by the conference itself was something of an afterthought. If I go, I'm going to have to be prepared for the possibility that no one there will even have heard of the Challenge or my story.
  • Hello there :)

    First of all, congratulations - you certainly deserve that prize. I've read a few of your fics on PhoenixSong.net and I must say you've got a talent for writing tragic stories that's uncommon and manages to move the reader at the same time. There's always a bittersweet kind of emotion in your stories, as in "The Torch", where everything was destructed but, as a compensation, there'll be a "new world" reborn at the hands of the woman that involuntarily caused its destruction in the first place.

    Your stories are certianly amongst the very best I've ever read.

    Once again, congratulations and all my best,
    - CM

    PS: Is it okay if I add you to my friends list or do you want to keep your journal personal?
    • Thanks, CM, for that praise. I'm always trying to find the flower growing in the desert; I'm glad you found one in the story.

      Certainly add me to your list if you wish; the more, the merrier.

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